Predicting The Fifth College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. Clemson 11-1
  2. Oklahoma 11-1
  3. Auburn 10-2
  4. Wisconsin 12-0
  5. Georgia 11-1
  6. Alabama 11-1
  7. Miami 10-1
  8. Ohio State 10-2
  9. Penn State 10-2
  10. USC 10-2
  11. TCU 10-2
  12. UCF 11-0
  13. Notre Dame 9-3
  14. Washington 10-2
  15. Michigan State 9-3
  16. LSU 9-3
  17. Stanford 9-3
  18. Washington State 9-3
  19. Oklahoma State 9-3
  20. Memphis 10-1
  21. Mississippi State 8-4
  22. Northwestern 9-3
  23. Virginia Tech 9-3
  24. Fresno State 9-3
  25. San Diego State 10-2

Predicting Week 4 College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. Alabama 11-0
  2. Clemson 10-1
  3. Miami 10-0
  4. Wisconsin 11-0
  5. Oklahoma 10-1
  6. Auburn 9-2
  7. Georgia 10-1
  8. Notre Dame 9-2
  9. Ohio State 9-2
  10. Penn State 9-2
  11. USC 10-2
  12. TCU 9-2
  13. Washington State 9-2
  14. UCF 10-0
  15. Mississippi State 8-3
  16. Michigan State 8-3
  17. Washington 9-2
  18. Oklahoma State 8-3
  19. LSU 8-3
  20. Memphis 9-1
  21. Stanford 8-3
  22. Northwestern 8-3
  23. Boise State 9-2
  24. Virginia Tech 8-3
  25. USF 9-1

Predicting the Third College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. Alabama 10-0
  2. Oklahoma 9-1
  3. Miami 9-0
  4. Clemson 9-1
  5. Wisconsin 10-0
  6. Auburn 8-2
  7. Georgia 9-1
  8. Notre Dame 8-2
  9. TCU 8-2
  10. USC 9-2
  11. Ohio State 8-2
  12. Penn State 8-2
  13. Oklahoma State 8-2
  14. UCF 9-0
  15. Washington 8-2
  16. Washington State 9-2
  17. N.C. State 7-3
  18. LSU 7-3
  19. Michigan State 7-3
  20. Memphis 8-1
  21. Mississippi State 7-3
  22. Virginia Tech 7-3
  23. Northwestern 7-3
  24. Stanford 7-3
  25. Michigan 8-2

Oklahoma vs TCU Preview

As if the Sooners of Oklahoma had not been tested enough this year, here the team is yet again in a massively important game as they are set to battle #6 TCU on Saturday. Baker Mayfield and the Sooners will host the Horned Frogs in what is essentially a de facto Big 12 Championship Game. The conference foes each enter the game at 8-1 overall (5-1 in conference) with each only losing against the emerging Iowa State Cyclones.

The match up will be a battle of strength on strength, as the Horned Frogs are 6th in the nation in scoring defense (13.9 points allowed per game) while the Sooners are 2nd in scoring offense posting a blazing 45 points per game. TCU also posts high national ranks in sacks (t-11th, 3.11 sacks per game), rushing defense (1st, 69.7 yards allowed per game), and 3rd down defense (7th, 26.7% of third downs allowed). Offensively, TCU presents a steady and balanced attack led by quarterback Kenny Hill and running back Darius Anderson that will surely be able to put up points against a sub-par Sooner defense.

The contest will be the biggest challenge of the season for Baker Mayfield, who will look to keep the Sooners in the Playoff hunt as well as continue to push himself towards a Heisman Trophy. Mayfield torched Oklahoma State last Saturday throwing for 598 yards and 5 touchdowns, but the Cowboy defense is nowhere near as stout as that of the Horn Frogs. That being said, TCU is incredibly strong against the run while being about average against the pass, so if Mayfield is able to avoid taking too many sacks he should be able to produce.

Everything about Oklahoma’s season tells me to go with Mayfield and the Sooners here. OU is playing at home, has arguably the best offense (and best quarterback) in the country, and is coming off a big win against the in-state rival Cowboys. Yet, despite all of that, I have never found myself able to confidently pick against Gary Patterson and TCU. When the Horned Frogs lost to Iowa State, the offense managed only 7 points for the game. Oklahoma’s defense has only held one opponent, UTEP, to less than 10 points in a game this season. The Sooners have also allowed at least 24 points in each of the last six games, including 52 to Oklahoma State and 41 to lowly Baylor.

In short, looking at the match up it is almost certain that the Horned Frogs will be able to put up points on the Sooners while TCU also presents OU with the toughest defense they have faced all season. Gary Patterson has managed to build TCU into a program that wins in a way no one else in the Big 12 seems capable of – with great defense. Baker’s incredible run comes to an end Saturday, edge to the Horned Frogs 41-31 in Norman.


Buckeyes Now Look to Play Spoiler After Suffering a Second Loss

A week ago, Ohio State was ranked 6th in the Playoff poll and had just as good a chance as anybody to make the postseason. That was before the Buckeyes received a drubbing at the hands of the Iowa Hawkeyes, who exploded offensively to topple the Bucks 55-24. The loss all but removed Ohio State from contention, as a team with two losses has yet to make the postseason under the current Playoff format. To add insult to injury, star quarterback J.T. Barrett likely removed himself from the Heisman race with his four interception meltdown.

It was like a nightmare that Urban Meyer and crew couldn’t seem to wake up from, but all things considered, Ohio State’s season is not at all a loss. The Buckeyes jump right back into the fire with a showdown this weekend against Michigan State. Michigan State is the only team standing in the way of a spot in the Big Ten Championship where the Buckeyes would likely take on undefeated Wisconsin.

The Buckeyes still have as good a chance as anybody to win the Big Ten Championship and play in a major bowl game but will need to show a short memory and play well against Michigan State. With the talent to play with any team in the country, J.T. Barrett must right the ship and turn in a great performance against Sparty. Adding another win against a ranked opponent would help erase the embarrassment that was the Iowa loss.

At this point, winning the Big Ten would be the only accomplishment that would rectify the season for the Bucks, who entered the season ranked second in the nation. The season will not be ending the way Urban Meyer and company had probably hoped, but keeping Wisconsin out of the Playoff and winning a major bowl should be a fairly sweet consolation prize.

Predicting the Second College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. Georgia 9-0
  2. Alabama 9-0
  3. Notre Dame 8-1
  4. Clemson 8-1
  5. Oklahoma 8-1
  6. Miami 8-0
  7. TCU 8-1
  8. Wisconsin 9-0
  9. Washington 8-1
  10. Michigan State 7-2
  11. Ohio State 7-2
  12. Penn State 7-2
  13. Auburn 7-2
  14. USC 8-2
  15. Oklahoma State 7-2
  16. Mississippi State 7-2
  17. UCF 8-0
  18. Virginia Tech 7-2
  19. Washington State 8-2
  20. Memphis 8-1
  21. Michigan 7-2
  22. South Florida 8-1
  23. West Virginia 6-3
  24. Iowa State 6-3
  25. Iowa 6-3

TCU Bounces Back With Win Over Texas

The Horned Frogs played host to Texas a week after their disappointing loss to Iowa State. They were looking for a good win to bounce back from that loss. The Frogs got just that with a 24-7 win over the Longhorns.

Texas came into the game at 4-4. All of their losses were down to the wire games. They could never seem to finish a game when it mattered.

TCU entered the week 7-1 and ranked number eight in the first College Football Playoff Poll of the season.

The Horned Frogs started the game strong by scoring on their first drive. The rest of the first quarter didn’t have much to talk about.

TCU started the second quarter off with a field goal and another touchdown. Texas then scored their only touchdown of the game on a 33-yard pass.

Neither team would score again until the fourth quarter when Darius Anderson ran for a 31-yard touchdown on fourth down, breaking a defender’s ankles along the way.

TCU didn’t have much of a passing game today as each of TCU’s scores was on the ground. Kenny Hill threw for 146 yards on 18/26 passing with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He added 43 rushing yards as well.

Darius Anderson led the charge for rushing with 99 yards and one score. Kyle Hicks rushed for 41 yards with two rushing touchdowns.

The defense played extremely well yet again, allowing Texas to rush for only nine yards. Neither team turned the ball over at all.

TCU looks to continue winning as they travel to Norman to play the red hot Oklahoma Sooners, fresh off a big Bedlam win, next week at 7 P.M. on Fox.