MLB Power Rankings- Pre-Hot Stove: Where do the Yankees and Mets stand?

Unfortunately, the MLB season has come to a conclusion. But….. Hot Stove is just starting! Before Major trades and free agent signings go down, let’s see where the teams currently shake up based on their strengths and weaknesses heading into the 2018 season.

30. Detroit Tigers

Strengths: ….. Michael Fulmer?

Weaknesses: Pretty much everything. Will be a long and painful rebuild.

Offseason Priorities: Trading Ian Kinsler and Jose Iglesias.

29. Chicago White Sox

Strengths: Young talent, loaded farm system, financial resources.

Weaknesses: Major-League ready talent, urge to win now.

Offseason Priorities: Stay the course of the rebuild, explore trades for Jose Abreu

28. Miami Marlins

Strengths: Trade chips, Best outfield in baseball.

Weaknesses: Pitching staff, farm system, fanbase.

Offseason Priorities: Get the best possible return for Giancarlo Stanton, acquire young pitchers, explore a Christian Yelich deal.

27. San Diego Padres

Strengths: Rebuild is slowly but surely ending, loaded farm system, trade chips, infield talent.

Weaknesses: Pitching staff, still in rebuild, not a big free agent attraction.

Offseason Priorities: Acquire a young arm for Brad Hand, trade Corey Spangenberg, add a veteran starter, stay the course.

26. Cincinnati Reds

Strengths: Some young arms, power bats, trade chips.

Weaknesses: Farm system doesn’t match up with other rebuilding teams, strong division, fanbase, financial resources.

Offseason Priorities: Trade Raisiel Iglesias and don’t sign Zack Cozart. Trust the process.

25. Kansas City Royals

Strengths: Fanbase, winning culture, subpar division.

Weaknesses: Farm system, half the team isn’t under contract, financial resources.

Offseason Priorities: Get one of Hosmer, Cain or Moose back, sign Eduardo Nunez and a veteran starter, go for it.

24. New York Mets

Strengths: 1-2 in the rotation, solid lineup, fanbase, financial resources.

Weaknesses: Health, back of the rotation, bullpen.

Offseason Priorities: Get a bat, a starter, and two relievers. *They’ll be much higher than this if they do these things*

23. Philadelphia Phillies

Strengths: Strong second half, farm system, young hitters at big league level, financial resources, fanbase.

Weaknesses: Big veteran bat, bullpen, veteran starters.

Offseason Priorities: Spend some money and sign some big name veterans.

22. Oakland Athletics 

Strengths: Matt Chapman and Matt Olson, young starters, willingness to start competing again.

Weaknesses: Pitching staff, center fielder, same division as Houston.

Offseason Priorities: Find an outfielder who is a good contact hitter/division, upgrade the bullpen.

21. Texas Rangers

Strengths: Powerful lineup 1-9, financial resources, fanbase.

Weaknesses: Pitching staff.

Offseason Priorities: Resign Andrew Cashner, pursue another starter, sign Addison Reed.

20. Atlanta Braves

Strengths: Farm system, Freedie Freeman, young talent ready to impact 2018, financial resources.

Weaknesses: Bullpen, veteran starter, third basemen.

Offseason Priorities: Pursue Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb, sign Jake McGee, stay the course with the young talent.

19. Tampa Bay Rays

Strengths: Outfield, power, back end of bullpen, young starters.

Weaknesses: Financial resources, fanbase, middle infield, strong division.

Offseason Priorities: Keep Kevin Kiermaier, explore trades for Chris Archer, Corey Dickerson and Evan Longoria.

18. Baltimore Orioles 

Strengths: Powerful lineup 1-9, ballpark, winning culture, star power.

Weaknesses: Window closing, strong division, starting rotation.

Offseason Priorities: Keep Manny Machado, Trade Zach Britton, sign Tyler Chatwood.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates

Strengths: Young, talented team, ability to develop pitching, farm system.

Weaknesses: Financial resources, desire to win, strong division.

Offseason Priorities: Sign Zack Cozart, shock the world.

16. San Francisco Giants

Strengths: Winning culture, recent success, veteran leadership, fanbase, financial resources.

Weaknesses: No power, weak farm, health issues, strong division.

Offseason Priorities: Giancarlo Stanton or J.D. Martinez, bank on health.

15. Toronto Blue Jays

Strengths: Fanbase, financial resources, top of rotation, big bats.

Weaknesses: Leadoff hitter, health, bullpen, strong division.

Offseason Priorities: Get a couple bats, improve the bullpen, bank on health.

14. Seattle Mariners

Strengths: Star power, home run threats, 1-2 punch in rotation, financial resources.

Weaknesses: Overall depth, playoff drought, health, back end of rotation, farm system.

Offseason Priorities: Outfielder, middle reliever, 4-5 starter.

13. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Strengths: Mike Trout, Justin Upton, Andrelton Simmons, Cam Bedrosian, Blake Parker, Parker Bridwell, financial resources.

Weaknesses: Depth of roster, corner infield, middle of the rotation.

Offseason Priorities: Construct a roster that is not solely built around a handful of players, third base, first base, starter.

12. Minnesota Twins

Strengths: Young position players, farm system, weak division, solid rotation.

Weaknesses: Ace, bullpen depth.

Offseason Priorities: Sign either Jake Arrieta or Yu Darvish, re-sign Brandon Kintzler.

11. St. Louis Cardinals 

Strengths: Fanbase, financial resources, young pitching, lineup depth.

Weaknesses: Star Power, pitching staff depth.

Offseason Priorities: Giancarlo Stanton or J.D. Martinez.

10. Colorado Rockies

Strengths: Star Power, fanbase, farm system.

Weaknesses: Impact players not under contract, consistent starting pitching (Coors).

Offseason Priorities: Retain Greg Holland and Jonathan Lucroy.

9. Milwaukee Brewers

Strengths: Loaded farm system, young talent at major league level, closer, depth, fanbase, empty payroll.

Weaknesses: Star Power, Ace, middle-relief depth.

Offseason Priorities: Trade for Chris Archer, sign Jake Arrieta, fill out bullpen.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks 

Strengths: Star Power, rotation, middle relief.

Weaknesses: Strong division, farm system, financial resources, closer.

Offseason Priorites: Try and retain J.D. Martinez, if not, sign an outfielder… get a reliever.

7. Boston Red Sox

Strengths: Closer, young talent at major league level, ace, fabase, financial resources.

Weaknesses: Lack of power, middle relief, back end of rotation, strong division.

Offseason Priorities: Get a power bat, fill out the bullpen, sign a 4-5 starter, extend Mooke Betts.

6. Chicago Cubs

Strengths: Star Power, deep lineup, young pitching, middle relief, influx of young position players, financial resources, fanbase.

Weaknesses: Rotation/Closer is a free agent.

Offseason Priorities: Sign Alex Cobb, retain Wade Davis, trade Kyle Schwarber.

5. Cleveland Indians 

Strengths: Switch hitters, deep lineup, ace, bullpen, manager.

Weaknesses: Corner Outfield, first base, bullpen depth.

Offseason Priorities: Re-sign Carlos Santana, trade Jason Kipnis and/or Danny Salazar.

4. Washington Nationals 

Strengths: Deep lineup, star power, great rotation, financial resources.

Weaknesses: The Harper-saga, inability to win in the playoffs, weak bullpen.

Offseason Priorities: Piece together a bullpen and hope you show up in the playoffs.

3. New York Yankees

Strengths: Star Power, ace, power, deep bullpen, farm system, young talent at major league level, financial resources, fanbase.

Weaknesses: Consistency in bullpen, health concerns, back end of rotation, inexperienced manager.

Offseason Priorities: Find a manager, sign Shohei Ohtani, re-sign C.C. Sabathia, find a taker for Ellsbury.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers

Strengths: Fanbase, financial resources, ace, deep lineup, closer. young talent, farm system.

Weaknesses: Health.

Offseason priorities: Re-sign Brandon Morrow, sign Mike Minor.

1. Houston Astros

Strengths: Best lineup in baseball, 1-2 punch in rotation, roster depth, young talent.

Weaknesses: Back end of the bullpen.

Offseason Priorities: Get a big reliever.


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