Butler’s Looking Forward to February

Jimmy Butler recently spoke out about his displeasure last season playing for current Bulls Head Coach Fred Hoiberg. The Bulls underperformed in Butler’s final season as a member of the Bulls, and a change was needed according to Butler. The style that Hoiberg wanted to play was not the style that best suited Jimmy Butler’s game and Butler’s interest. Hoiberg wants to play the run and gun style of basketball, and Butler wants to play more of a half-court game and be the center point of the offense. So what does this have to do with the month of February?

In February, the Timberwolves and the Bulls will face off two times, and these matchups will have a lot of anticipation around them. Even though Jimmy Butler has struggled thus far with Minnesota, I expect him to figure out his role soon, and be ready to go off for two of his best games against Chicago. The Timberwolves right now look like the third best team in the Western Conference, and that is with Butler not playing up to his full capability.

Teammate Taj Gibson will also look forward to his return to Chicago. He was a career long Bull until they traded him to OKC last season. Both Gibson and Butler will look to get revenge on their former team together this season come February, and put Hoiberg in his place. The Bulls have decided to rebuild, and it is evident that Butler and Gibson were not happy about that decision.

The Bulls were contenders in the East for a good stretch of years, but Butler and Gibson should be happy to have a chance to contend with another organization for a lot more years. Butler I anticipate will be allowed to completely take over the two times the Timberwolves play the Bulls, and I expect some great stats from Butler in these matchups. Gibson will also get close to a double-double in each matchup, and I anticipate two T-Wolves wins. The Bulls are such a young team, and they will not have enough to handle all the weapons the Wolves have.

Expect an offensive borage from Butler during his games vs. the Bulls this season. It will prove to be quite the matchup, and I am curious on how the Bulls fans will treat him and Taj in their return to Chicago. I do not believe they said anything wrong about the Bulls or Hoiberg, but Bulls fans may feel differently. February cannot come soon enough for these matchups!


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