TCU Suffers Second Loss

TCU traveled to Norman this weekend to face the #5 ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

Many thought this game would be a competitive one. Oklahoma has one of the best offenses in college football, while TCU came in as one of the top rated defenses. It was the offense of Oklahoma that shined through.

The game started with an Oklahoma field goal followed by a TCU touchdown drive. They drove the ball 75 yards in two plays. TCU would go on to score one more time in the first half and would score one time in the fourth quarter and that was it.

TCU’s offense could never establish any rhythm and that cost them dearly. The defense played somewhat well but were overpowered by the Sooner’s offense.

Kenny Hill threw for 270 yards on 13-for-28 passing with one passing touchdown. He added 40 yards on the ground with one rushing touchdown as well.

Darius Anderson led the team in rushing yards with 42 yards. TCU has typically won the games when they could establish their running game and that didn’t happen tonight.

Neither team had any turnovers in this game. It would’ve helped TCU greatly if they could’ve forced a turnover or two.

TCU was most likely eliminated from playoff contention, but still controls their own destiny to play for the Big 12 Championship. If they win their next two games they will be the number two team in the championship game in what will most likely be a rematch with Oklahoma.

The Horned Frogs will visit Lubbock next weekend to play Texas Tech.


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