Should we be worried about OKC’s “Big 3”?

The Thunder fleeced the pacers for Paul George, as well as grabbing Melo from the Knicks last offseason. Now, they are 5-7 in the first 12 games of the season. As we all expected, there has been some chemistry issues here. Westbrook hasn’t quite gotten used to being the 2nd/3rd scoring option while having to facilitate. He is coming off an MVP season and breaking the triple double record it will take a while for him to “get into the groove” of this offense. If you ask me, that isn’t the biggest problem for this Thunder squad. So far Westbrook has not been great on defense, almost downright terrible. But don’t worry it will get better. Now, another big problem for this team is their bench. We have seen Raymond Felton light it up, and Jerami Grant throw down some huge jams. But we are missing something. We need that player to coke off the bench and light it up night in and night out. Say, former 6th man of the year Lou Williams? Or a Jahlil Okafor for that paint offense as well as another pick and roll option for Westbrook & Co. Both of these trades would be hard to pull of but we’ve seen Sam Presti do some magical things.

With that said, OKC fans should not worry quite yet. I expect the chemistry issues to fix themselves throughout the season. As well as Westbrook’s defensive woes. But, without making a move for more depth I don’t see OKC making it past a Houston Rockets or Golden State in the playoffs, 7 game series that depth will kill you.


Photo Credits: USA Today

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Jace Osborn-Sweet

Sports writer and analyst. Currently with Sports Radio Detroit writing for the Pistons and Lions.

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