Not so fast, Look out behind you

These dirty birds known as the Philadelphia Eagles according to their fans, certain individuals in the NFL and the media have the NFC East locked up and are going to the Super Bowl.  There is no team in the NFL that can stop them or catch them.  In the summarized words of the late Dennis Green, just crown them champions already.

I get it they are 8-1 and in front of the 5-3 Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East and at times they have looked really dominant, especially when they totally destroyed the Denver Broncos 51-23 last week.  On the other hand, the Cowboys kept pace as they defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 28-17 in the return of Sean Lee.  The Eagles are on a bye while Dallas must contend with the other dirty birds, the Falcons, in Atlanta.

Time for me to pull back the curtain for you Eagles’ fans, NFL, and the media. This is something true Cowboys’ fans have known and never worried about what was going on with the team.  One, Zeke is out until Christmas Eve, but we have other RBs to handle the load behind the best O-Line in the NFL, did you forget that?  Two, the return of Sean Lee, which according to the USA Today, “Sean Lee makes things happen!”, more turnovers and some stout defensive stands. Three, Dak is not your average QB, as he won’t throw the INTs and will manage the situations giving the Cowboys a chance to win the game.  Sean Lee and the defense will give the offense plenty of opportunities to score and they will help control the clock.  I expect the coaching staff to help the young man out with more protection and rely on the running game even without Zeke. Fourth and the biggest thing is that strange things tend to happen in the NFL and pressure makes diamonds or bust pipes. The Cowboys beat Atlanta this week and all of a sudden things get interesting as they will improve to 6-3 two games back of those Eagles.  Oh and guess what, who does Dallas play next week none other than the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T stadium.  What you didn’t see that coming?

This is what true fans know about the NFL, is that karma always finds a way to get even.  Never talk trash because the impossible scenario will come to be and then the next thing you know, you were about to win the division and now you are at home for the playoffs.  If Dallas wins this week there will be some serious drama for the Eagles game.  Philly will have all the pressure on them because Dallas was written off when they struggled early and now have no Zeke.

Oh man, if the boys do pull it off in these next two weeks watch for the change in people’s attitudes, the NFL, plus the media and how they report the news.  It is simple for the Dallas Cowboys keep pace with Eagles by winning games, and beat them in head to head matchups. They do this and the division which no one believed they do it, will be theirs. Only true Dallas Cowboys fans knew this was possible.  How bout dem Cowboys?!


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