An Open Letter To Felger, From A True Boston Sports Journalist

The Tragic Death of future Hall of Fame pitcher Roy Halladay, stunned the baseball world and fans of decades alike. In the wake of these tragic events, we lose sight of the fact that he was a person who leaves behind a family who is grieving. This has me and countless of other sports enthusiasts to beg the question: How could someone criticize this tragic event during a 10 minute rant on live radio?

This man left behind a wife and two children, he made his living by doing something that you or me couldn’t do, even on a microscopic level. So to have the audacity to dehumanize his untimely death and feel no remorse about is inhumane. You are quick to make the assumptions, but won’t accept a call to defend yourself. You are in the public eye, you should know that you can express your opinion, but less than 24 hours after the accident took place?

The actions you did isn’t the only thing that concerns me, and many other New Englanders as a whole. The most concerning thing is the lack of impromptu action or recourse that hasn’t yet taken place. Who am I to speak? I have no credentials, yet I speak more invigorating to the people who agree, yet question the opinions of the minds who don’t.

To conclude, I hope severe action will be taken upon the heinous comments that you made. I hope the family and friends find the peace not only to help them move on with their lives, but to maybe help enlighten yours as well.


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