Buckeyes Now Look to Play Spoiler After Suffering a Second Loss

A week ago, Ohio State was ranked 6th in the Playoff poll and had just as good a chance as anybody to make the postseason. That was before the Buckeyes received a drubbing at the hands of the Iowa Hawkeyes, who exploded offensively to topple the Bucks 55-24. The loss all but removed Ohio State from contention, as a team with two losses has yet to make the postseason under the current Playoff format. To add insult to injury, star quarterback J.T. Barrett likely removed himself from the Heisman race with his four interception meltdown.

It was like a nightmare that Urban Meyer and crew couldn’t seem to wake up from, but all things considered, Ohio State’s season is not at all a loss. The Buckeyes jump right back into the fire with a showdown this weekend against Michigan State. Michigan State is the only team standing in the way of a spot in the Big Ten Championship where the Buckeyes would likely take on undefeated Wisconsin.

The Buckeyes still have as good a chance as anybody to win the Big Ten Championship and play in a major bowl game but will need to show a short memory and play well against Michigan State. With the talent to play with any team in the country, J.T. Barrett must right the ship and turn in a great performance against Sparty. Adding another win against a ranked opponent would help erase the embarrassment that was the Iowa loss.

At this point, winning the Big Ten would be the only accomplishment that would rectify the season for the Bucks, who entered the season ranked second in the nation. The season will not be ending the way Urban Meyer and company had probably hoped, but keeping Wisconsin out of the Playoff and winning a major bowl should be a fairly sweet consolation prize.


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Josh Gutbrod

22 year old University of Akron student studying Sport Studies with an emphasis on coaching. Die hard Cleveland sports, college sports, and NBA fan.

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