What Can Lonzo Ball Learn from Kyle Kuzma?

Kyle Kuzma has exceeded expectations since being drafted by the Lakers. The former Utah Ute has already been a key contributor for the Lakers this season, but his fellow rookie, Lonzo Ball, has been inconsistent at best. Kyle Kuzma recently said in an interview that Lonzo Ball needed to “play more aggressive and play more with an edge”. So what else can Lonzo Ball learn from his best friend on the team?

I don’t think that Lonzo lacks for confidence, but I think he needs to play more confidently like his teammate Kuzma. Kuzma has not been shy of any spotlight, and it is clear that he will play any position and take on any role to win. He is also not afraid to make mistakes, and he is not afraid to shoot the ball. He has also bought into playing better defense as a team, and Lonzo still needs to work on being a better on the ball defender.

Kuzma has one of the highest shooting percentages in the league from 2 point range, and also one of the highest for rookies overall. He does shoot from outside the key as well, so what can Lonzo learn from Kuz?

I think that there is a lot that Lonzo can learn from the Utah product. I think he can learn to be a better leader from Kuzma. Kuz is a lot more vocal than Lonzo typically is, so that is one thing I think Lonzo can pick up quickly. In addition, not pressing for shots to go in is a big thing. Kuzma has trusted his shot so far this season, and it appears Lonzo really does not. I also think that Kuzma has a much better idea of quality shot selection right now than Ball does. Kuzma is shooting a much better percentage, and he is finding ways to get good looks from all over the floor. Ball needs to shoot more two pointers to see the ball go through the hoop, and then expand his range. I also think Lonzo can learn to be more aggressive from watching Kuzma attack on both offense and defense. Kuzma is not afraid to make mistakes and be aggressive, and this is definitely something I think Lonzo is lacking.

Kuzma just got his first career start this week, and I believe he will continue to take advantage of every opportunity he is given. Ball needs to start doing the same. He is playing around 30 minutes a night, and his production is not up to par with what many expected. Learning from Kuzma could be key in sparking Lonzo to perform better. Kuzma and Ball will continue to get a lot of opportunities to get better this season, and I hope Lonzo takes more advantage of the opportunities at hand like his fellow rookie Kyle Kuzma


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