Oh, You Got To Be Faster Than That

Pardon the insurance joke title, but come on NFL you are looking kind of ridiculous still trying to ban Zeke. I usually go along with the NFL when it comes to suspending players even ones on my beloved Dallas Cowboys team but come in now. Zeke is going to fight until he goes broke basically and that will take a while.

I feel the NFL is just trying to make statements and on this particular case aren’t even paying attention to he actually facts of the case.  I have talked with several of my fellow football reporters in regards to the issue. One the woman is extremely suspect, as she has changed her story more times than a dog poops.  She was Zeke’ girlfriend and he broke it off and all of a sudden when that money train stops flowing he becomes a vicious person, which she claims hmm.

First of all, I don’t condone violence against women or anyone; let’s get that out of the way.  If Zeke was a beater then I feel he should be punished by the law and then the NFL. The law found him “innocent”, but because the NFL is ran by a conceded dude, they can’t show they are ever wrong and lose face.  The NFL would rather look stupid in their attempts to have Zeke suspended for those six games to make a point that they are the boss.

There are times that the guy can be a victim too. Come on NFL, you can’t be closed-minded because you have tons of millionaires playing in the league and there are bad people who try to blackmail them for money.  Zeke’s attorneys were working a settlement with the NFL to put this thing to rest but Zeke’s strong beliefs and not wanting to be labeled a beater, abuser, or anything worse is going to fight and not accept the decision of the NFL.

I know a lot of us can respect him for that decision. I wouldn’t take it either so I would fight too.  In the end, the NFL usually wins these types of cases but I feel this time the judicial system actually believes in the player and not the NFL.  I say hang on, keep your head up, keep the good fight going and hopefully soon the NFL will realize they were wrong, but not likely!


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