How do the Texans turn around their season?

After a Week 9 loss to the Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday, the Houston Texans are currently sitting at 3-5 overall as a team, while going 1-2 so far in division play.  The Texans are currently in 3rd place in the AFC South division as well.   The Texans lost to the Colts 20-14 on Sunday, with Indy coming in and snapping their current 3-game losing streak they were on.  They are by far the weakest team in the AFC South this year without Luck and other key guys, but they came in and took a win in Houston against the Texans that should have been a Texans win.

The Texans look like a completely different team without Deshaun Watson now leading the troops, so Tom Savage has to come in and step up.  He had his first career passing touchdown against the Colts, but his play was very iffy and could have been a lot better.  Savage was 19 for 44 for 219 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions, but like I mentioned before, his play was mediocre at best and the difference between both QBs are just too relevant.  We are missing Deshaun big time.  The Quarterback play from here on out is a big thing the Texans need to figure out to help turn their season around.  They need a guy to come in and truly lead the troops the way Deshaun was.  Hopefully Tom Savage or T.J. Yates can do that.

The Texans traded Duane Brown to Seattle before their Week 9 matchup to the Colts and the shaky offensive line play was evident again as the Left Tackle position is going to be a big hole for us to fill.  Despite the shaky O-line play, the Texans rank 3rd in the league in total points scored a game, 12th in total yards a game, 16th in total passing yards a game, and lastly they rank 4th in total rushing yards a game.   The Texans with Deshaun Watson show with their rankings they are a high-powered offense with multiple weapons and their rankings speak for itself.  The Texan’s will only show their full potential as a team with a good QB under center, straight up.

The Texans Defense has been without key starters and stars all year; J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus are just two examples.  However, the Texans defense hasn’t been brutally awful compared to other teams in the league.  The Texans rank 12th in total passing defense, 24th in rushing yards against them, and 13th in total yards put up against them as a defense.  The Texans are in the middle of the pack defensively even though the overall team record shows differently.

The bottom line for the Texans is, someone has to step up on each side of the ball every week and make plays for this team to win.  There are multiple holes on the team now that have been exposed by all the Injuries the Texans have endured and gone through this year.  A lot of different positions and key positions at that as well have lost their starter for the year and it is showing.  The depth and next-guy-up motto of football are apparent for the Texans as it is going to be coming down to crunch time soon, and the Texans desperately needed to win out all the rest of their games to have a shot at the playoffs.  They need a leader at the Quarterback position to lead this time for these next stretch of games.  The Texan’s need good team play as a whole and maybe some kind of miracle that teams in the AFC South start going on losing streaks to turn their season around.  It is not impossible, and Houston can still make a run at the division.  We will see how the last part of the season plays out and if Houston can turn things around.


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Trey Lewis

Die-hard Sports fan/nerd born and raised in Houston, TX! I love any Houston team and mainly follow the Texans, Astros, and Rockets. Follow my twitter @TFoRTLeW. I also run a sports podcast with my good friend Noah!

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