NFL Week 9 Game Picks


Joe Toscano 68-35
Ismael Diaz 65-38
Nick LoPrinzi 62-41

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets


Each week the Bills are looking more and more like contenders, while the Jets are looking more and more like who we thought they were. The Bills just acquired Kelvin Benjamin as well, which will only help them grow. I’m not sure if he plays this week, but either way I expect the Bills to take this one as their defense is too good.

Score: Bills 23, Jets 17


What’s more suprising, the Bills are 5-2 or the Jets are 3-5? Even though it’s on a short week at New York, I like the Bills.

Score: Bills 20, Jets 18


I personally made some tough calls on games last week, and most of them paid off. This week might have some tougher calls too. The Ravens mauled over the Dolphins last week, which I predicted the Ravens to win but not like that and goes to show you the craziness that TNF has sometimes. Bills are trending upwards right now while the Jets are trending the other direction, so naturally this means something out of the ordinary happens right? I see this being close for the Bills on the road and on a short week but they’ll win based on talent, with McCoy leading the way against a bottom 5 run defense in the Jets.

Score: Bills 27, Jets 23

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers


Atlanta barely squeaked out a win against the aforementioned Jets last week. On the other hand, the Panthers straight up dominated the Bucs. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the rest of the offense look like a whole different unit this year, which is concerning. Cam Newton has struggled as well and he now has one less weapon to target. He was already with Greg Olsen and now Benjamin is gone too. I just think the Falcons are too good to continue to play like this.

Score: Falcons 23, Panthers 21


Atlanta is too good to be 4-3. Their offense is just getting revved up. Carolina has been inconsistent all year.

Score: Falcons 27, Panthers 20


I did say last week that the road for a Falcons comeback would start against the Jets last week, and although they didn’t look great they still picked up a win. But now here’s a tough one to call as the Panthers are playing fairly well this year. I’m giving the edge here to the Falcons who have played better on the road this year, are starting to get healthy again, and seem hungry to get these divisional wins here. The Panthers on the other hand haven’t been all too great at home and having lost Kelvin Benjamin, not liking their chances here. Falcons win in a close one.

Score: Falcons 28, Panthers 27

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jaguars are coming off a bye and they will be getting back Leonard Fournette this week. Fournette has been a monster all year as the Jags have been relying heavily on the run. The Bengals do not have struggled mightily to move the ball this season. I think this will be a low scoring affair.

Score: Jaguars 17, Bengals 13


The Jaguars are becoming a solid team relying defense and running, but can they take the next step and consistently win? The Bengals will be a tough test.

Score: Jaguars 19, Bengals 15


The Jaguars are coming off a bye-week while the Bengals are coming off a close win against the Colts. They didn’t seem to have much trouble putting up points against them, but I think they will have a harder time this week on the road in Jacksonville. The Jags seem just like a good QB away from being a playoff-caliber team, but they’ll have to settle with Blake Bortles until at least the end of the season. They are in good hands though as they have star rookie running back Leonard Fournette, who has had now 2 weeks to help heal his knee injury and should be back. I like the Jags here at home.

Score: Jaguars 28, Bengals 23

Denver Broncos vs. Philadelphia Eagles


Two teams that started off the season great, but two teams heading in opposite directions right now. Are the Eagles the best team in football? They just might be. The Broncos have benched Trevor Siemian and are starting Brock Osweiler. The season is only going to get uglier for them

Score: Eagles 24, Broncos 13


Is Denver being this bad the biggest surprise of the season? Maybe not, but it’s up there.

Score: Eagles 28, Broncos 15


The Broncos QB situation is so bad that they have decided to go back to Brock Osweiler, yes the man who robbed the Texans of millions last year and who was cut by the Browns but was still guaranteed 16M, to start for them. His first start with them this year comes against the Eagles who have the best record in football and is led by leading MVP candidate Carson Wentz. The Chiefs almost put up 30 against the Broncos last week, so I expect the Eagles to get that this week. The Wentz-Ertz connection is unreal right now and should continue into this week. The Eagles defense should be all over Osweiler and they should win by a couple of TDs.

Score: Eagles 30, Broncos 16

New York Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams


Both teams should be fresh coming off a bye. The Giants will be without top cornerback Janoris Jenkins as he has been indefinitely suspended by Ben McAdoo. The Giants were already short-handed all around and their defense has not been very good as of late. They are going to have trouble stopping Todd Gurley, Jared Goff and the rest of this dynamic Rams offense. I cannot believe I just said that ..

Score: Rams 30, Giants 17


Usually I say the west coast team traveling to the east coast will lose, but this is the Giants we’re talking about.

Score: Rams 26, Giants 22


The Rams are looking good mid-way through the season and are fresh off a bye-week to play the dysfunctional Giants. The Giants just lost Janoris “jack-rabbit” Jenkins due to suspension, which should leave guys like Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp to have big games for the Rams. The Giants look to be getting back Sterling Shepard for the first time since he was injured along with OBJ and Brandon Marshall, which should help out Eli Manning a little more. I’m trusting the Rams defense more here and that their play-makers will do their thing on the offensive end.

Score: Rams 29, Giants 19

Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans


Wow, just wow. Deshaun Watson is out for the year with a torn ACL. What a blow for the Texans. He was the mid-way favorite for Rookie of the Year and even had his name in conversation for MVP. The Colts are a bad team and Andrew Luck has been ruled out for the rest of the year as well. I think the Texans still take this one at home, especially since the Colts defense is atrocious.

Score: Texans 27, Colts 20

Joe (Pick Made Before Injury)

Everyone knew Deshaun Watson would be this good this early right? Right?

Score: Texans 30, Colts 14

Ismael (Pick Made Before Injury)

This might get into college football type of back and forth scoring, as this match-up is rated 3rd by Vegas for most combined points potentially scored.  Both these teams had shoot-outs last week, but I think the Texans D will clamp down on the Colts’ more inferior offense and will create multiple turnovers out of it. Deshaun Watson will again have a monster game and it should be expected now that Will Fuller will probably have multiple TDs.

Score: Texans 41, Colts 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints


The Bucs have been a huge disappointment this season, while the Saints are getting hot. Do the Bucs have a chance to beat the Saints on the road this week? I say NO.

Score: Saints 31, Buccaneers 23


Everyone knew the Saints defense would be this good, right? Right?

Score: Saints 28, Buccaneers 17


I find myself saying this more than I usually do when I come across a match-up involving the Saints, but this could be either a really close game or a straight blowout. 13 points might not be a blowout to some, but just how the game feels for the most part will make it seem that way. The Bucs have been teetering the last few weeks while the Saints continues to be one of the hottest teams in football. I like the Saints by double digits because of all the weapons they have on offense to go against a weak Tampa bay defense. I’m looking for Ted Ginn and Alvin Kamara to have big games.

Score: Saints 37, Buccaneers 24

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans


The Ravens are the Jekyll and Hyde of the NFL this year. They go from shutting out opponents to giving up 40 points to the Jaguars. Who is going to show up this week? The Titans are coming off a bye, which means Marcus Mariota had plenty of time to heal up. I think the Titans being at home and the Ravens lack of offense will be the factor.

Score: Titans 20, Ravens 17


Joe Flacco may or may not play in this game, but going into Tennessee against a Titans team coming off a bye won’t be easy.

Score: Titans 24, Ravens 20


I believe this one is a toss-up. On one hand you have the Ravens who destroyed the Dolphins at home last Thursday but had Joe Flacco exit with a concussion after being laid out inexplicably by Kiko Alonso. Word is that he cleared concussion protocol and should play Sunday. On the other hand you have the Titans who are fresh off a bye but just hasn’t seemed to click yet. Marcus Mariota hasn’t exacting shined against back to back good match-ups in the Colts and the Browns and has to face a tough Ravens D. Although they put up 40 last week, I don’t see them putting up anywhere close to that amount since they have shown the ability to get really cold on offense especially on the road. I see this low-scoring affair going to the home team.

Score: Titans 24, Ravens 21

Washington Redskins vs. Seattle Seahawks


Seattle is hoping they solved their offensive line woes with the acquiring of veteran LT Duane Brown. The Seahawks offense lit up the scoreboard last week at home against the Texans. They are at home once again and the Redskins are all banged up. Do the Redskins even have a go to receiver? Terrelle Pryor has been a huge disappointment this year and Jordan Reed cannot stay on the field.

Score: Seahawks 31, Redskins 24


Not only is an east coast team playing on the west coast, it’s in Seattle. Not good for the Redskins.

Score: Seahawks 33, Redskins 22


The Redskins stunk it up last week against the Cowboys while the Seahawks won in a shoot-out against the Texans at home last week. The Seattle defense did not look that great last week, but should settle down for a better game this week. I like Kirk Cousins as good QB in this league, but coming off a poor performance last week and going up against the legion of boom, not liking his chances to bounce back. Seahawks grab a win here at home.

Score: Seahawks 30, Redskins 24

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers


Does Jimmy Garoppolo start for the 49ers this week? I sure hope so. However, I think the 49ers get their first win of the season either way. The Cardinals will be without two of their three offensive stars (Carson Palmer and David Johnson) and I do not believe Drew Stanton can get it done for them. Their defensive has not been what is expected of them and I think traveling to San Fran will be the deciding factor.

Score: 49ers 27, Cardinals 24


Finally the 49ers get a win! Yes, Drew Stanton is that bad.

Score: 49ers 21, Cardinals 12


This might be the only chance for the Niners to win a game this year, at home against Drew Stanton and the Cardinals. The Niners made a big move this week, acquiring Jimmy Garrapolo for a 2nd round pick. He won’t be ready to go for them this week, but I’d expect him to start in the near future. The Niners might need to rely on the run game in this one, with having their QB and Pierre Garcon having to fend off Patrick Peterson which isn’t an easy thing to do. The Niners still have an awful run defense, which should mean Adrian Peterson runs circles around them. That and with their defense being better gives me a reason to pick the Cardinals to win in a very tight match-up.

Score: Cardinals 23, 49ers 20

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Dallas Cowboys


Ezekiel Elliott is finally suspended .. I think .. That whole situation is confusing, but for now he will be missing this game. Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden will look to pick up the slack. However, the real question is, can the Cowboys stop the Chiefs offense? I say no way. Alex Smith has yet to throw an interception, Kareem Hunt is leading the league in rush and Travis Kelce is as consistent as they come.

Score: Chiefs 34, Cowboys 23


The big question is how will the Cowboys do without Ezekiel Elliott. I’m guessing not good.

Score: Chiefs 28, Cowboys 24


Both teams won last week against teams in their division, but travel to this game in “Jerry-World”. The Cowboys haven’t exactly been that great playing at home and the Chiefs have been quite stellar on the road this season. I expect this to be a great back and forth, but in the end the Chiefs still have Kareem Hunt while the Cowboys are expected to be without Zeke until December due to suspension. I’m liking the Chiefs blend of offense and defense this week.

Score: Chiefs 30, Cowboys 27

Oakland Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins


This game is just filled with question marks. Will Jay Cutler play? Who will replace Jay Ajayi? Is Derek Carr still hurt? Can Marshawn Lynch give this offense some life? Will Amari Cooper become the superstar that he is capable of becoming? Will either defense step up?

Score: Raiders 23, Dolphins 20


Before the season I picked the Raiders to be in the AFC Championship game. Oops! They’re a bigger disappointment than the Broncos.

Score: Dolphins 29, Raiders 23


Both these teams made the playoffs as the wild card team a season ago, which made it seem before the season started that it be a good idea to showcase two up-and-coming teams on Sunday Night Football. Things have changed since then as both teams seemed to have dug themselves in holes this year. The Dolphins might’ve pulled one of the most questionable trades in recent memory, trading pro-bowl RB Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for just a 4th round pick in next year’s draft. What the hell, right? So now it’s basically just Jarvis Landry and a wounded DeVante Parker to go out there and score some points for them. Luckily they play a sub-par Raiders defense, so someone like Kenyan Drake who’ll get more work this week might have a bigger game. I’m going with the more talented team in the Raiders here on Sunday Night.

Score: Raiders 26, Dolphins 20

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers


This game would be so much more fun if Aaron Rodgers were playing. The Lions have not been playing well, but they have a chance to bounce back against a Rodgers-less Packers team. Matthew Stafford is starting to catch fire as of late as he has thrown for 312 yards and then 423 yards in his last two games respectively. I think he has a huge game against a weak Packers defense.

Score: Lions 31, Packers 27


The biggest question is whether Brett Hundley is a legit NFL quarterback. I’m guessing no, plus the Lions came close to beating the Steelers.

Score: Lions 23, Packers 13


The Lions are coming off a lost against the Steelers where they stifled Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown for the most part but gave up a monster game to WR Juju Smith-Schuster in the process. Packers are in dire straits right now without Aaron Rodgers, so I’m not expecting much out of them this week even at home against the Lions. The Lions offense still seems a bit out of sync, but should get on track starting this week. Lions leave Lambeau with a victory on Monday Night.

Score: Lions 24, Packers 20


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