Boston Red Sox 2018 Off-Season Preview

With game 7 of the 2017 World series about to unfold tonight, one has to wonder: can or will this off-season be more explosive? Yes. With great pitching and sluggers from every position set to his the free agency market after the final out is recorded, It’s only a matter of time until it all unfolds.

Red Sox Free Agents:

Eduardo Nunez,infielder

The shifty and quick infielder can provide the Red Sox an instant threat on the base paths, along with some provided insurance as All-Star 2B Dustin Pedroia is unlikely to start the season after undergoing surgery on his right knee. Granted if his own knee injury heals appropriately, expect the Sox to look to ink him up at least on a one year deal

Prediction: 1 year, $9.2 million

Mitch Moreland, First base

The first baseman received a lot of praise during the first two months of his 2017 campaign. With the nagging fractured foot injury, his offensive production lowered significantly, therefore hindering his chances at an all star nod.  While being in the running for another gold glove award, the lefty should get a modest payday with the club, if not Boston, then somewhere in the American League.

Prediction: 2 year $25 million 

Bullpen trio: Reed, Abad, Boyer

The bullpen trio shouldn’t be too hard to retain (or replace) if the circumstances arrive.

MLB Free Agents of Interest

JD Martinez in/of

The infielder/outfielder preformed well for the Arizona Diamondbacks after being dealt to them at the trade deadline, helping them make it to the wild card game this season. As Fenway being a very hitter friendly ballpark, JD’s power could be vital for the team in order to climb out of their ALDS battles.

Yu Darvish P

The pitcher has had many struggles throughout the last two seasons with the Texas Rangers, but has since pitched flawless since his debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Some would even say ” He’s pitching like a $100 million man!”

The Blockbuster of The Century?!?!?!

This is the off-season when Giancarlo Stanton WILL BE TRADED!!!!! It will prove to be a very difficult challenge for the Miami Marlins front office as he is still owed $275 million dollars unless he opts out after the 2020 season. Which begs the question: What’s it gonna cost? For the Red Sox a mixture of everything.

The Scenario:

Boston sends: Jackie Bradley jr. Henry Owens, Dustin Pedroia,Daniel Flores

Miami sends: Giancarlo Stanton, cash

It seems hard to trade the last player from the 2007 World series team, but he’s not producing and cannot stay healthy, two things needed to stay successful in any professional sports.


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