Zeke vs. NFL

We Cowboys fans have been over the moon that Zeke has been around running the ball and he has been on a little roll.  This could change this coming Monday, when the NFL has its meeting to decide if Zeke Starr’s serving that little suspension.

We as fans are hoping that Jerry’s lawyers can keep the ball rolling and keep Zeke on the field and not suspended for six games which would be extremely devastating for our boys. Especially since they are trying to right the ship and get back on track to their winning ways. 13-3 is a long way off but we can still get a good record and make the playoffs.

I feel that without Zeke we will have real trouble running the ball. This will make us one dimensional and having to rely on Dak throwing the ball 40+ times a game will make he feel like Tony Romo did when he didn’t have a great running back like a Zeke or even a half way decent offensive line. Funny how Dak may have to deal with that type of animosity soon.

I say funny because before we drafted Dak he made some comments about Tony Romo and his skills.  Future players mind what you say because karma does come back around.  Tony and Dak were fine because Tony didn’t think too much about it.  Tony even supported Dak rise and was behind him the entire time, and Dak appreciated it. Dak we may have to see what your really made of if Zeke is gone for six games.

We don’t have think about that until Monday.  Let’s get focused on those dirty Redskins from Washington. Yes there is no more team I can’t stand more than the Redskins.  True rivalry as we could both be on the opposite sides of the record spectrum and the game would still be close. Give Zeke the ball until he can’t run no more because he might not get to run again until six weeks later.

For now, I will keep hope alive that the good guys will win the game and the court hearing on Monday. Let’s go Cowboys and Zeke, as all of America and the NFL will be tuned in Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon.  This could be devastating to either the Cowboys or the NFL ego!


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