MLB’s Manager Mayhem

It’s been an interesting start to the off season for a few of the MLB teams this year. Coaches have been getting let go, resigning, or moving teams left and right. Some new Coaches have already been hired, and some potential candidates are still in review to see if they can handle the big job. A few of the teams that have caught the eye of the media include: the New York Mets, the Boston Redsox, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Detroit Tigers, the Washington Nationals and most recently the New York Yankees.

The Boston Redsox are the first team to kick off the fun, and they recently fired their coach, John Farrel. Why? Well there wasn’t a specific reason given, but many suspect it was because of the Redsox inability to advance farther in the post season. They fired Farrel just two days after the tough loss to the Houston Astros, which supports the theory of why he was let go. The Redsox hired a new coach relatively quickly, the Houston Astros former bench coach Alex Cora is now the man in charge at Fenway. Cora has signed a three year contract with the club due to his impressive qualities and background. Alex was a a former ESPN baseball analyst, and though he has no MLB coaching experience he served as general manager of the Puerto Rico national baseball team. Cora is currently 42 years old and spent 14 years of his life in the MLB, he even played with the Boston Redsox 2005 to 2008 before retiring in 2011.

For the New York Mets, Terry Collins has decided to resign. His contract was also up and it wasn’t certain he would’ve been asked to come back. After coaching the Mets for 6 years and leading them to one World Series title along with one Post Season appearance, he decided it was time to step aside. New York did find their new coach, the Indians former pitching coach Mickey Callaway. Mickey has received a 3 year offer from the club, and will be one of the youngest managers in the MLB at age 42. Callaway is said to be a man who has dedication and a deep love for the game of baseball. He analyzes every little thing about the game and uses it to his advantage. In the past, Mickey also played for the Tampa Bay Rays but mainly played in the minors.

For the Philadelphia Phillies, Pete Mackanin will now serve as a “special assistant” to the general manager. Mackanin has served as the Phillies coach for 3 years, and has graciously accepted his new role. The Phillies are still searching for a coach but a few potential candidates are up for grabs. John Farrel, the former Boston Redsox coach is one of the three finalists for the job. Dodgers player development director Gabe Kapler is also a consideration along with Triple- A Leighigh Valley manager Dusty Wathan. The selected manager will most likely be announced soon, so now all we can do is wait.

The Detroit Tigers announced back in September that Brad Ausmus would not be returning in 2018. People believe Ausmus was fired due to his inexperience after coaching the club for 4 years. The new face of the Tigers dugout will be Ron Gardenhire. Gardenhire was the perfect candidate out of many for the Tigers because of his managerial experience and his past successes. Way back when, Ron was the manager of the Minnesota Twins for 13 years, leading them to 6 AL Central Division titles. He took a break from being the manager and was the Padres bench coach in 2016 and the Diamondbacks bench coach during the 2017 season. Gardenhire is set and ready to rebuild the Tigers and his determination is exactly what the club was looking for.

The Washington Nationals will move on from their manager, Dusty Baker, in the 2018 season. Bakers contract expired at the end of the season, leaving himself and fans disappointed. Dusty managed the Nationals for 2 years and led the club to two consecutive NL East titles. Three potential candidates have been interviewed, including once again John Farrel from the Boston Redsox. Chicago Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez along with New York Mets hitting coach, Kevin Long, were also interviewed.

The Yankees released their statement about moving on from Joe Girardi, leaving everyone with mixed emotions. Why? Well a lot of arguments can be noted here… Girardi’s poor communication with the front office, his relationship with the players, as well as his rough relationship with Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman. Former Yankee ,Mark Teixeira, talked about how Girardi was a good man, but his intensity was too much, and that pretty much sums it all up. Girardi coached the Yankees for 9 years, leading them to 6 post season appearances along with one World Series win in 2009. The big question is… Who will be the next Yankees manager? People have shared who they would like to see and their opinions, but there is no set interviews the the Yankees have made. Time will tell the future of these teams, and 2018 will be the new chapter.


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