NFL Week 8 Game Picks


Joe Toscano 57-33
Ismael Diaz 53-37
Nick LoPrinzi 52-38

Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens


Two teams who have really struggled to score the ball this year. The Dolphins will be without Jay Cutler, due to a rib injury. Matt Moore will step into his place as he led the Dolphins to a comeback over the Jets last week. The Ravens have not looked good at all this season and they cannot defend the run. Is this the week Jay Ajayi finally gets going?

Score: Dolphins 20, Ravens 17


I don’t know what to make of Miami. Losing Jay Cutler can’t help their chances in Baltimore against a good Ravens defense.

Score: Ravens 20, Dolphins 15


Hey we finally had a pretty predictable week since week 2, except for a couple of games. But like last Thursday Night, these games are harder to predict and there’s a lot of tough games this week including this one. The Dolphins pulled off another come from behind win while the Ravens lost on a road to the Vikings. The Dolphins have been playing better but with Matt Moore, who can be very wild at times, facing the Ravens who have the highest interception rate, it’s gonna get ugly for them. Such a tough one to call, I’ll take the Ravens at home with a better defense on a short week.

Score: Ravens 22, Dolphins 20

Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns


It does not really matter who is at QB for the Vikings this year. They just continue to win games. Stefon Diggs might finally return this week as well. The Browns almost got their first win against the Titans last week, but I do not think this game is even close.

Score: Vikings 27, Browns 18


Anytime games are played in England, it’s like the Bizarro world. I stupidly picked the Browns last week, but I have a feeling they’ll win this one and we’ll be making ‘they can only win in England’ jokes.

Score: Browns 30, Vikings 23


The Vikings defense is just tricky to go up against and they face a rookie QB still trying to learn the ropes on a winless team. Vikings’ pass-catchers should all have big games here, racking up the stats in a blowout win.

Score: Vikings 28, Browns 13

Oakland Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills


Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and the rest of the offense finally broke out last week. However, they will be without Marshawn Lynch this week due to a one game suspension. I do not think the Bills are given enough credit. I think they are a very good team, especially on the defensive end. The Raiders are traveling from coast to coast this week and the weather is supposed to be on the colder side. Advantage to the Bills.

Score: Bills 27, Raiders 24


In the 1991 AFC Championship game, the Bills beat the Raiders 51-3 in Buffalo. Could it happen again?

Score: Bills 26, Raiders 13


This will be a good game here, with the Raiders coming into the game after beating the Chiefs at home on a crazy last second drive and the Bills squeaking out a win against Tampa Bay. The Bills offensively and defensively have been fairly consistent over past few weeks and will have the buzz of their fans at home to hype them up. The Raiders are on the right track to being once again a tough team to play against, but I’m liking the Bills here at home.

Score: Bills 28, Raiders 27

Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals


The Colts were absolutely man-handled last week by the Jaguars. The Bengals defense is not much worse. Therefore, it is going to be another tough week for the Colts. On the other end of the ball, the Colts are atrocious. Even though the Bengals have struggled to put up points this year, I think it comes easy in this one.

Score: Bengals 28, Colts 17


The Colts’ last chance at a saving this season went away when Andrew Luck couldn’t return. This might get ugly.

Score: Bengals 37, Colts 17


With Andrew Luck being out every game so far in this season, the Colts haven’t been exactly a fun team to watch. The Bengals still have some real play-makers on the defensive end of their team and have enough weapons offensively to put up points. Bengals win big at home.

Score: Bengals 27, Colts 14

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New England Patriots


Did the Patriots regain their form last week, or are the Falcons just not a good team? Either way this game is a shoot out. The Chargers have won three straight and they are clicking on all cylinders right now. However, Tom Brady at home is too much to handle.

Score: Patriots 33, Chargers 28


Whether it’s true or not, West Coast teams playing on the East Coast at 1PM never seems to go well for the West Coast team.

Score: Patriots 44, Chargers 18


The Pats D actually looked pretty good last week, holding the Falcons to just 7 points and making some big plays. As I predicted last week, the Chargers beat the Broncos but won in shutout fashion, which shocked me even more. These two teams have had some nice battles over the past decade or so, led by some pretty good offenses. I’m not in love with the Chargers defense, so I expect Brady to pick them apart and lead them to another victory.

Score: Patriots 31, Chargers 24

Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints


The Saints defense is playing a little better than most expected, while Mitch Trubisky has struggled to move the ball for the Bears in his young career. Playing in New Orleans is never easy. For a young QB it will become even more challenging.

Score: Saints 21, Bears 13


How are the Bears doing it? They should be 0-7. This won’t be pretty.

Score: Saints 30, Bears 3


Don’t be surprised if this game ends up being very close, or a blowout. The Bears defense is looking stronger as the season goes on and the Saints D haven’t looked too shabby either. The Saints are on a hot-streak and being at home should play to their advantage this week.

Score: Saints 28, Bears 23

Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Jets

As weird as it sounds, if the Jets knew how to close out games they would be 5-2 right now. On the other hand, the Falcons do not look very good. Matt Ryan has struggled mightily as he has thrown only 7 TDS in 6 games, while having 6 interceptions already on the year. However, I think Ryan, Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman are too much for a young Jets’ D to handle.

Score: Falcons 27, Jets 17


What is wrong with the Falcons this year? Their offense is as disappointing as the Steelers. At some point they have to get it together and it might happen this week.

Score: Falcons 32, Jets 12


This just seem like a trap game for the Falcons even though they have a better team in my opinion. On the road, coming off another L courtesy of the Patriots, and facing an over-achieving Jets team. With the Panthers and Saints playing well this season, the Falcons need to start winning to keep up and I think it starts here. I don’t trust the Jets defense much and I know Josh McCown can be as wild as they come. Falcons win on the road, but not without a fight from the Jets.

Score: Falcons 28, Jets 24

San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles


The 49ers will not go winless this season. They have been playing close games before getting blown out by the Cowboys last week. Their defense is better than what it showed last week, but C.J. Beathard and their offense just is nothing to be scared of. The Eagles, on the other hand, might be the best team in football. You’re going to tell me that the 49ers are going to travel from coast to coast and beat the best team in football? No shot.

Score: Eagles 30, 49ers 20


The team with the worst record in the league at the team with the best record in the league. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the 49ers won this with how this season has gone.

Score: Eagles 23, 49ers 22


Can’t get anymore lopsided than this match-up here. Carson Wentz has played well enough to be in MVP consideration and the Philadelphia Eagles, yes the Eagles, have the best record in the NFL right now. The 49ers on the other hand are winless and got stomped on by the Cowboys at home. The Eagles should run-up the score quick and easy, giving the niners no chance to touch them. Look at Nelson Agholor for daily fantasy, has quietly been a TD magnet for them.

Score: Eagles 40, 49ers 13

Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I had much higher expectations for the Bucs and much lower expectations for the Panthers coming into this season. Jameis Winston has been playing fairly well, but Tampa’s defense cannot stop anyone. Things are totally different for the Panthers. They are struggling to put up points, but they are playing great defense. So, who will give in this one?

Score: Buccaneers 23, Panthers 21


I can’t believe Carolina will play poorly 2 weeks in a row. They’ll bounce back bigtime this week.

Score: Panthers 24, Buccaneers 17

I guess if the Panthers play against a good defense, they’ll probably lose. That’s not the case this week, playing a reeling Bucs defense. I’m not too confident, as the Bucs offense is finding its footing again and based on the fact that they’re home, but I can see Cam Newton throwing all over their secondary and winning in a shoot-out.

Score: Panthers 30, Buccaneers 27

Houston Texans vs. Seattle Seahawks


If this game were in Houston, I would give the win to the Texans. However, playing in Seattle is real, real tough. For a rookie quarterback, it is even tougher. Deshaun Watson has been playing outstanding this year and the Texans are fresh as they are coming off of a bye, but Seattle’s defense is going to wreak havoc on the young kid in this one.

Score: Seahawks 23, Texans 20


Watson is playing great for a rookie, but there’s no way the Texans get a win in Seattle.

Score: Seahawks 29, Texans 17


Got a feeling this will be a Field Goal kind of game, just a gut feeling. The Seahawks held the Giants to under 100 yards on offense, even with a depleted Giants offense that’s really impressive in my eyes. The Texans are fresh off a bye, but returning to face the Seahawks on the road and who are starting to catch fire isn’t exactly something to be happy about. I’m expecting another big game from Doug Baldwin here, and like I said there will be plenty of field goals in this game.

Score: Seahawks 26, Texans 23

Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins


Somehow, Ezekiel Elliott is still able to play another week. He had an outstanding game against the 49ers last week, but Washington is much better against the run. Dak Prescott has been playing well too, while Dez Bryant is having one of his best seasons in recent memory. This game is going to be filled with a ton of offense, but the Redskins having a slightly better defense and being home gives them the advantage.

Score: Redskins 33, Cowboys 30


A great rivalry with two evenly matched teams. Redskins have the edge because it’s in Washington.

Score: Redskins 34, Cowboys 30


Both teams looked great offensively last week for the most part, with Zeke running like a mad-man just as I predicted before the game and Kirk Cousins showing his consistency. Speaking of Cousins, he threw for a combined 813 yards against the Cowboys a season ago, A-ma-zing. I think he has another big game against them this week at home, would feel more comfortable with their defense if some of their key defensive players returns. This will be a fantastic game.

Score: Redskins 31, Cowboys 28

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Detroit Lions


The Lions are coming off a bye, while the Steelers are having a controversy with Martavis Bryant. However, I do not think Bryant is much of a distraction. The question for me is, can Ben Roethlisberger lead this team on the road? The Steelers have been the best team in football against the pass in terms of passing yards allowed per game. On the other hand, the Lions have been horrible against the pass, but solid against the run. I think Ben and Antonio Brown have a big day.

Score: Steelers 24, Lions 23


The Steelers lead the league in 2 things: Defense and drama. Expect a big game from Le’Veon Bell.

Score: Steelers 26, Lions 16


Sunday Night Football in Detroit? Not sure when was the last time I’ve witnessed this, sure feels like forever. Nevertheless the Lions seem a bit off-key offensively while the Steelers are beginning to get their groove back. Both QBs haven’t played all too well this year, but I’m relying on the Steelers other offensive weapons to give them a boost and take one on the road.

Score: Steelers 27, Lions 21

Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs


At the beginning of the year, the Broncos looked like one of the best teams in football. Then Trevor Siemian came back to reality and the Broncos lost back to back games to the Giants and Chargers. Just ugly. The Chiefs are at home and have lost their last two games as well. However, I think the Chiefs are too good to lose a third straight game.

Score: Chiefs 27, Broncos 17


The Chiefs are too good to lose 3 in a row. What happened to the Broncos?

Score: Chiefs 27, Broncos 12


As mentioned earlier, the Broncos got shut-out on the road and the Chiefs lost in a stunner on Thursday Night. The Broncos are just a mess offensively right now and the Chiefs D will come in after a long week. Hunt, Kelce, and Smith help to win this game by double digits at home on Monday Night.

Score: Chiefs 27, Broncos 17


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