Jimmy Butler’s Slow Start Nothing to Be Concerned About

Jimmy Butler has had a fairly rocky start to his Timberwolves career. He has failed to reach over 20 points for his new team this year, but he has played some all around solid basketball. He has found his way into the assist and rebound column frequently, and his defense has been excellent as well. While Butler has scored double digits in points each game, it is not exactly the outpouring of points many expected. Will Butler continue to score this little all season? The answer is absolutely not!

Butler has averaged at least 20 points per game in each of his last three seasons in Chicago. The Western Conference is significantly better than the competition he faced while in Chicago, but he will likely play on a team that averages more offensive possessions than the Bulls have. This will give him more and more opportunities to score despite playing with Wiggins and Towns who are also players who get 20 points a night. Butler just has not completely gelled yet into his new role with a new team. He was the guy in Chicago, so he just needs to learn how he fits into the offense and how he can get his points while contributing to Minnesota victories more importantly.

I think that the T-Wolves offense will flow a lot through him, but there is so much talent around him that he never has to press to get his points. He needs to continue to play a great all around game because there are plenty of guys who can score for this team. Being on the Timberwolves will show fans truly how versatile and skilled in a lot of aspects of basketball Jimmy Butler really is. The points will come by him continuing to play super hard. He is too talented of a scorer to not get 18-20 points per game this year for the T-Wolves. Butler could be a player that gets a few triple-doubles this year just by taking what the defense gives to him. He will also explode for some big point totals if Wiggins and or Towns struggle to score or are not asserting themselves in a particular game.

Butler is an All-Star talent despite may not playing like one exactly through just three short games with the Timberwolves. He is an all-around NBA superstar, and superstars know how to win. Butler may not put up as many points as he possibly could on other teams, but there is more to hoops than scoring points. He will continue to showcase his intensity and assertiveness both on offense and defense once he returns from illness later this week. More points will follow once he really hits his groove with this new team. Wiggins and Butler are two of the best mid range offensive players in basketball, and it will be interesting to see if Thibs takes more advantage of this and tries to play more inside the 3 point line than many of their Western Conference counterparts.

Jimmy Butler is completely fine despite not lighting up the scoring column. He will continue to be a pest on the perimeter on defense, and hopefully he will continue to light up the box score in several statistical categories more so than he did in Chicago. There is more to basketball than scoring points, but Butler will truly get his in some way that is yet to be determined. Jimmy brings great leadership and experience to this young team, and it will be super fun to watch him on this squad once he fully figures out his role on this team.


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