How Lonzo Ball Can Improve His Game Immediately

Through his first 3 NBA games, Lonzo Ball has been inconsistent at best. He has shot the ball at a very low percentage overall, and he had 5 turnovers in their recent loss to the Pelicans. While Lonzo is averaging around 13 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists, there is still more he needs to do to improve his game.

One thing I have noticed that Lonzo needs to do more is pass and cut or pass and screen. He will feed his teammates the ball and just stand and watch them make a play. Lonzo has a unique ability to finish at the hoop with his size and athleticism, and by moving without the ball, he surely will increase his shooting percentage. I believe he is taking too many three point shots as well. He needs to take more of what the defense gives him instead of shooting some deep ones like he has done so fat. He is only shooting 29% from distance, and this should be a sign to go get easier buckets or higher percentage shots.

Another thing I believe Lonzo can do more of is getting to the free throw line more. This is a good way to see the ball go through the hoop and get some easy points. He has only shot 50% so far from the line, but he shot closer to 70% in his time in college. He needs to work on his stroke from the line and he cannot be afraid to get fouled. If he is taking it strong to the tin, it just makes the Lakers harder to guard. They have to respect his ability to pass, but it would be even more lethal if he drove the lane more often and battled through contact.

Lastly, he needs to pick up the defensive intensity and offensive assertiveness. His Dad is talking a big game for him, and people are coming after him. A good way for him to set the tone against them is to play better defense on whoever he is guarding. This can set the entire tone for the kind of game he will play. Marcin Gortat recently spoke out about how John Wall is going to destroy him. It is time for Lonzo to show some more fire, grit, and passion and really defend hard. He was manhandled by Patrick Beverley in the first matchup, and he was turning it over and falling down all game. He needs to stand his ground and not let people push him around that easy. Another thing I would love to see from Lonzo is a little trash talk if he makes a good play. He never has been one to talk a big game, but if he can get in others head as well as opposing players have gotten into his head, he will be that much tougher to guard and slow contain.

It is only three games into his career, so do not panic yet. This kid has so much potential, and I expect his shooting percentages to go up as the season goes on. For now, he needs to be more assertive and aggressive in driving the lane. He also needs to draw more contact when driving to the cup, and then sink his free throws. He needs to showcase his passion and desire to play hard and not play scared or emotionless. Ball will be a double-double and possibly triple-double guy every night in the near future for the Lakers, but if he can assert his game in these few ways, the earlier the success will come for the talented guard out of Chino Hills High School.


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