Duane Brown Returns to the Texans

Texans’ Star Left Tackle Duane Brown officially reported to the Texans on Monday,  ending a substantially long holdout that didn’t even result in a new contract for him.  After being quoted for comment, Brown didn’t dwell into why he held out and simply said that he’s “just here to work” and that he’s “leaving everything else up to the front office and my agent.”  Brown is in his 10th NFL season and we all know he held out in search of a new contract. Now that he has reported, the Texans can really get back to work and now have back the centerpiece to their struggling offensive line.

Chris Clark is out with a calf injury and is expected to miss some time, so the Texans’ coaches really need to figure out quickly when they are going to give Brown the nod to start a game.  He has missed nearly half the season and who knows what type of football shape he is.  The Texans really need someone to step up on the offensive line. Hopefully, that guy will be Duane Brown. Brown’s current contract ends after the 2018 season and Brown has already been losing $553,000 a week in game checks because of this contract dispute.

Brown has sat out the entire off-season program, preseason, training camp, and 6 weeks into the 2017 season all in pursuit of this new contract. He has felt he has gone up and beyond for the Texans, and he feels it is his time to be paid again even though there are still 2 years remaining on his current deal. One thing that helps the Texans out too, with this whole Brown situation, is they can get a two week roster exemption if they need that long for him to be ready to play. To get credit for the season, Brown has to be part of the 53-man roster for at least six games. Once Duane is fully caught up and ready to go, I believe he will definitely start at Left Tackle and give the offensive line the boost they desperately need. In week 1 of this season, the Jacksonville Jaguars came into Houston and ended the day with 10 sacks! 10 sacks way too many and without Brown on the left side since that day, it has really shown what we are missing without him.

When both Brown and Clark are able to play, Clark could slide to right tackle, as he did after Derek Newton tore his patellar tendons in both knees in Week 7 of the 2016 season. I think with both Brown and Clark starting as well, the Texans’ offense will gain a slight boost in the Passing and Running game. With both those guys starting and healthy, Deshaun Watson should have a little more time in the pocket and his legs will only be another advantage to his game as we all know he can run and scramble. It is interesting to see what he can do with a legit All-Pro tackle blocking his blindside for him. I think once Duane Brown is caught up to speed with the plays and terminology, the Texans’ offense will only improve for the better and grow into a big time offense that teams are going to really start worrying about.


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Trey Lewis

Die-hard Sports fan/nerd born and raised in Houston, TX! I love any Houston team and mainly follow the Texans, Astros, and Rockets. Follow my twitter @TFoRTLeW. I also run a sports podcast with my good friend Noah!

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