Thunder Outlook: The Big 3

Three words: Westbrook, George, Melo. In the end that’s what it comes down to for the Oklahoma City Thunder this season, and hopefully for seasons to come.

We all know the Thunder do not have the best bench unit, coach Billy Donovan is very good with staggering minutes for stars, and now with 3 ball dominant scorers he can have 1 of. Them lead the offense at most times.

The Big 3 has looked good so far this year, coming off of a horrid performance against the Jazz in a loss, they look to bounce back tonight against the Timberwolves. If you look back at my Thunder season Outlook this Timberwolves game was already a big game, now they have to show they can compete at the highest level.

This is a 50 win team, Conference Championship type of team. If they all gel, and get the situational rotations correct this team could divert big things. Like, beat KD and the Warriors in a 7 game series. I do believe GS is the only team in the way, if OKC sees Cavs in finals the Cavs depth will just be too much in my opinion.

We will see, but for now my prediction stands: 52 wins.


Published by

Jace Osborn-Sweet

Sports writer and analyst. Currently with Sports Radio Detroit writing for the Pistons and Lions.

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