Cowboys vs. Niners: This is Not Your Dad’s Rivalry 

This series has always had some great games in the past, however, this probably won’t be one of those games. The Niners have fallen on some hard times the last couple of seasons, while the Cowboys are trying to regain their consistent winning form from a season ago.  The Niners dominated in the 80’s and the Cowboys tried to knock them off their perch. In the 90’s, things turned a little and the Cowboys became the dominant team with the Niners being the second best team in the NFL. During that time the Super Bowl was widely considered to be when these two juggernauts played each other in the NFC Championship game.

In the 80s there was the pass from Montana to Clark aka “The Catch” to seal the deal in the 1982 NFC Championship game for the 49ers over the good guys from Texas, the Dallas Cowboys 28-27. If you are human you know that game sent tingles down your spine. You saw history being made from probably one of the greatest QBs (Joe Montana) to walk on this earth.  People have expressed that Montana was throwing it away when Clark jumped out of the earth’s atmosphere to catch it.  What people forget is that Dallas still had time to win the game.  The “horse-collar” tackle on Drew Pearson which was legal back then and thus saving the game, because on the next play Danny White would get sacked and fumble the ball, game over.  The Niners went on to win the Super Bowl.

As fate would have it they would meet in the 1992, 1993, and 1994 NFC Championship games aka the real Super Bowl.  The Cowboys would win two of those games and capture two Super Bowl victories, with the Niners winning in 1994. The Cowboys would return in 1995 back to the NFC Championship game and then go on to win their third Super Bowl in four years, this time beating the 70s dominating team the Pittsburgh Steelers. Interesting enough two of three NFC Championship games were played in Candlestick park the Niners home stadium.  It was the triplets of Aikman, Irving and of course the great Emmitt Smith who would bring Dallas the trophies along with a stout defense.

In 1992, over 800 yards of offense combined 416 for Dallas and 415 for the Niners who also had four turnovers. That cost the Niners the game and analysts would come to call this game “Changing of the Guard”!  Oh man, were our boys some cocky sons of guns and it came from the head coach Jimmy Johnson.  In 1993, Jimmy Johnson guaranteed victory over the Niners. The Dallas Cowboys came out and destroyed the Niners in the first half and kept the lead to win the game. In 1994, it was the third straight meeting between these teams and this time however the Niners would get some sweet revenge and the victory. Three big turnovers cost the Cowboys a chance at three Super Bowl Championships in a row.

I believe had Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson maintained their friendly ties, we might have won more championships in the 90s. This was the last time the Dallas Cowboys would be in the Super Bowl or even the NFC Championship game. You can imagine our excitement when Dak lead us to a 13-3 record this past season, we felt we were Super Bowl bound but a pesky QB named Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay would ruin it. This season we are dealing with injuries, suspensions, shaky offensive and defensive play.

I feel this is the game where the Cowboys can get their swagger back, against a weaker Niners team. The Vegas people still believe Dallas will lose.  I will make a guarantee today, Cowboys will win this game.  Don’t expect to see a Montana to Clark, Aikman to Irvin, or an unbelievable Emmitt Smith run.  I said before these aren’t your pops teams, this game will be a grind them out type of game which will help restore our confidence, I pray.


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