Clippers Game One Takeaways

The Clippers defeated the Lakers last night in the first game of their respective seasons in dominating fashion 108-92. DeAndre Jordan had a double-double with 14 points and 24 rebounds and Blake with a double-double of his own with 29 points and 12 rebounds plus a ridiculous poster on Julius Randle last night. Blake added Randle to his list of victims and it was glorious. My takeaways from the game one last night:


  1. No Cp3-No problem. This team will go as far Blake and Jordan can take them obviously but the PnR game with Blake and Milos was lethal something we’ll see a lot of going forward.
  2. Blake added range. Blake has been labeled as a flashy dunker, but Blake went 3 of 6 last night from three. Being able to shoot from range is just proving he’s maturing as a player and forcing defenders to guard him in which he’ll use his strength and speed to get past opponents.
  3. DeAndre is still a beast. DeAndre grabbed 24 boards including 9 offensive. This is huge going forward because he can grab a rebound and either get easy points or pass it to their shooters if they’re losing or let the offense waste clock and run another play. Simple basketball 101.
  4. Team is deeper but not better. One of the biggest woes of this team since Doc has taken over is the lack of bench. Chris Paul wanted out so instead of losing him for nothing they got Williams, Harrell, Dekker and Bev. These guys were key components last year in Houston and provides a bench spark that this team has desperately searched for years.
  5. Lonzo had a rough debut. If there’s anything I learned is not to overestimate Beverly. He got inside Zo’s head. He bullied, drew fouls, and harassed and showed why he’s first team al defense. I still think Lonzo will be a star in this league, but he had a rough debut. Something to work on.

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