Washington Wizards Season Preview

Last season, the Washington Wizards really put the NBA world on notice of what they are capable of and are going to build off it. After a tough second round lost to the Boston Celtics in game 7, the Wizards look to improve on what plagued them that series and improve overall.

The Wizards made a few additions to the roster this off-season to improve their bench. Washington has struggled in recent years trying to find a point guard to backup John Wall, but they may have found an answer in Tim Frazier. Frazier is a savvy offensive point, but also can run an offense efficiently off the bench. Sharp shooter Jodie Meeks decided to join Washington as well. He has suffered from a few injures over the last few seasons, but looked in great shape during the preseason. His shooting ability, to go along with Wall’s passing, may just produce the best season he has had in the NBA thus far, hoping he stays healthy. The addition of Mike Scott means so much more now as the team still waits for Markieff Morris to return from injury. He’s a decent stretch 4 option and can provide the same production similar to Keef, but off the bench. He’s a grinder.

This past off-season had a lot of shifting going on in the league. A few more super teams to go along with the few that already were in place and players landing on new teams. With all that being said, the Wizards STILL boast one of the best starting 5’s in the NBA. Many still elevate a few teams above the Wizards, but I’m here to say continuity matters. The Wizards core guys have played together for a while now and might have best chemistry of a team in the league outside of Golden State. That statement isn’t putting Wizards on that level, but the Wizards are similar to the fact that their core was built through the draft just like Golden State and they all grew together.

My only worry for Wizards is production from the bigs. As tough as Marcin Gortat is, he leaves A LOT of plays on the court and sometimes tends to get a little lazy defensively. Ian Mahinmi has toned down a lot this summer and looks to be healthy and ready to be productive off the bench. Jason Smith needs to get more love after his season last year. He was one of the best shooting bigs during the regular season last year and always was productive when his number was called upon. He may actually start in the front court with Gortat on opening night.

With all that being said, the Wizards are ready. With Wall, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter as the core guys, and Porter and Beal finally honing their games, the sky is the limit. Wall is coming off his best season as a pro and this past off-season was dedicated to him fully training and getting better. Last off-season he was recovering from two knee surgeries and focused on rehab. This is the 50-win season the team and fans have been waiting for. Wizards go 50-32 and make the trip to the ECF. When it all boils down, it’ll be hard to to stop Wall, Beal, and Porter together. That trio is here and ready to turn heads as their own big 3.


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