Deshaun Watson Shines Again

Deshaun Watson continued to shine and impress people all across the league after another stellar performance this week against the Cleveland Browns. Deshaun was 17-of-29 for 225 yards passing and added 3 touchdowns. After another great performance, Deshaun broke the rookie record for most touchdown passes through 6 games since the AFL-NFL merger. Through 6 games, Deshaun has 15 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns through 6 games. Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans set the rookie record back in 2015 with 13 touchdowns through his first 6 games. However, Watson broke that this week. He is proving that he is a dual-threat quarterback, while also providing the grit, poise, and composure you want out of your field general.

Want to hear another crazy stat? Texans quarterbacks Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage threw a combined 15 touchdown passes last season! 15 for the whole season last year, while Deshaun has 15 in his first 6 games for this year! There is still half a season left to play. Let that sink in for a minute. He has done more as a rookie through the first couple of games than some guys do through their whole careers. Deshaun is proving he is the definition of production. He is proving as well that the Texans more than likely have finally found a franchise quarterback they have been desperately been searching for. Deshaun has four passing touchdowns of at least 20 yards through the air, which according to ESPN Stats & Information, is the most in the NFL. Deshaun is also now the first rookie QB to throw for 3+ TDs in 3 consecutive games. He is setting his mark in the history books this season and his stats are only going to continue to improve.

For the season, Deshaun is 107-of-174 for 1,297 yards passing along with 15 touchdowns and 5 interceptions through his first career 6 games. The Texans sit at 3-3 and are tied with Jacksonville right now for first place in the AFC South Divison. It is impressive as he is a rookie who is still learning the NFL game each and every week. It’s very nice to watch Deshaun lead the offense as well. DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller have also been benefitting well from Deshaun as QB. DeAndre has 6 touchdowns already on the year, while Fuller has 5 touchdowns despite being hurt the first 3 weeks of the season. The chemistry Watson has with Nuk and Fuller is apparent as both guys are going wild with the touchdown catches. As a die-hard Texan fan, it’s great to watch!

The way Deshaun is playing and if he keeps producing good numbers each and every week, then I seriously think he will have a good chance at winning Offensive Rookie of the Year! He will be in the running with fellow rookies Kareem Hunt and Leonard Fournette for the award as well, as all three of these guys are doing great for their teams right now. The rookie class of 2017 has some definite studs and it is showing all around the league. I am just happy the Texans snagged one of those guys and it has been paying off so far. I hope Deshaun continues to lead the troops like he is and I really hope he blossoms into a great dual-threat quarterback that can take the Texans back to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl. Only time will tell.


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Trey Lewis

Die-hard Sports fan/nerd born and raised in Houston, TX! I love any Houston team and mainly follow the Texans, Astros, and Rockets. Follow my twitter @TFoRTLeW. I also run a sports podcast with my good friend Noah!

2 thoughts on “Deshaun Watson Shines Again”

  1. Damn right Trey!

    I’m calling it now, Watson will be rookie of the Year, not just because of his impressive numbers, but because he is making the Texans HIS team in a way Hunt and LF are not. With Watt out, it’s this young QB’s chance to become the leader this organization needs and the pride of H-town, and I for one am estatic!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more! Watson is the hope die-hard Houston fans have been waiting for since post-David Carr era. I hope he even makes a run at the MVP now Rodgers is out! Thank you for the great comment on my article as well!


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