Dallas Cowboys: Bye Week Thoughts

I could start off by saying the offense and defense dominated early on, but forgot to play in the second half yet again. I will just say we have to find a way to stop other teams when the game is on the line. The offense needs to control the ball in the second half in case the defense continues to struggle in tight games. I feel like I keep beating this dead horse and I want to discuss all things Cowboys, not just the on-field issues.

Don’t worry my friends I will stay away from political charged articles. Even though I come from a military family, grandfathers (WWII Army), myself (Army) and my oldest son (USMC), I will not talk about the kneeling issue. Everyone else and their dogs are covering this story.  Let’s talk about how Dallas will adjust without Ezekiel Elliott, since the new 5th Circuit Court of Appeals rule came out on Thursday. Zeke is now suspended for the next six games as of October 13, 2017. Fair or unfair, Jerry Jones said it was indeed not fair!

The good news is that the Cowboys do have a plethora of running backs. We have two veterans in Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden to carry the load. I mean we would rather have the young yard eating Zeke in the backfield, but life does come with its challenges. Alfred doesn’t have that I gonna take it to the house speed, but he is a load to bring down.  Darren could and might still have a few big games left in him. It’s time for them to step up or Dak Prescott is going to suffer from the lack of a running game.

Dak will see how Tony Romo felt all those years with a subpar team. I mean no superstar RB, LBs injuries (Sean Lee), secondary is very young and struggling to stop anything. I believe the Cleveland Browns could put up big numbers on our secondary at this time. Dak will have to rely on Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Cole Beasley to catch whatever he is throwing their way because I can see some tight coverages coming along with some tough blitz packages. Unless we get the running game going strong.

You score 30+ points you should win the game, but not this year. We are about to ask Dak to lead this team to victory and if he fails, we will dog him for it. It’s not fair to the young man, because he will have to probably put up 35+ points to win a game. We must remember, as true Cowboys fans, that this his only his second year in the NFL. This will be a great learning situation for the young QB, and I believe it will make him stronger and a better QB. Cowboy fans be ready to see some struggles in the next couple of games. However, I know there will be some spectacular plays too.

I know we really felt the Super Bowl was calling this year, but right now we are hoping to at least make the playoffs. As much as I hate to say it, the Eagles look good, but if we beat them twice things will get interesting in our division. The Giants are done, the Redskins could be a factor, but they also have some major issues. Thus, leaving the Cowboys to put the pressure on those green birds.

If you are like me when the boys lose, it just ruins your day. I root for my boys with all my heart and soul because those men are out their killing themselves out on the field. Show them some love as they are the ones that have to deal with the pains later in life. Dallas fans embrace your boys and cheer them on even if they don’t win, they are human too.


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