The New NBA All-Star Game Format Needed to Happen

Last week, the NBA announced that the NBA All-Star Game was switching its usual East vs. West format to a new format that involves selecting two captains and having them select their teams, regardless of conference for that 2018 All-Star Game in Los Angeles. Five starters from each conference will be selected in each conference, as well as 7 reserve players for each team will be selected by conference head coaches.

Great move here by the NBA. Finally, fans get a chance to watch two teams of the league’s greatest play against each other in an even match-up. The problem that surrounded All-Star Games in the past 10 or so years is that the conferences were not very even. Since 2007, the West has dominated the East winning 8 of 11 All-Star Games. Not a very fair series. There is a bit of boredom that comes knowing that almost every year, the Western Conference is going to come into the stadium and plow over the Eastern Conference.

This format change could not come at a better time. This off-season multiple players were either traded, or signed to Western Conference teams. Jimmy Butler was traded to the Timberwolves, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George were traded to the Thunder, and Paul Millsap signed with the Denver Nuggets on top of all the other Western superstars like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden. The West is very strong right now, which would cause the traditional All-Star game format to be very uneven. This new format allows for teams to even out, which will allow for a better quality game. Therefore, it will be a lot more interesting for fans to watch as well as some new experiences for the All-Stars.

This new format will give players the opportunity to play with other superstars they’ve never played with. It will also give players who are on the same team a chance to play against each other for the first time as well. Imagine watching Klay Thompson having to cover Steph’s deadly shot. This will give the captains a chance that they have never had before to play the role as General Manager for a day to carefully strategize to create the best squad possible.

The media will also love this new format for all the stories it will create. The new format, giving captains the ability to select their teams, which will most likely have their draft show for, as well as many stories to follow the captain’s selections. Will LeBron James select Kyrie Irving to play on his team? How will Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant face off against each other? The possible story lines are endless for this fun-filled All-Star Weekend.

Could this be a preview of the anticipated Banana Boat Team? Guess we will have to wait and see what star-studded teams will play in Los Angeles.

Fan Question: If you could form an All-Star game starting 5, who would you pick? Tweet me your team! @Jdoughy1722


Photo Credits: USA Today

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