Why The Firing of John Farrell Was Overdue

In game decisions, player-analyst issues, and many other controversies surrounding manager John Farrell over the course of this season made many Red Sox fans wonder, “When will they fire him?” While bringing us to back-to-back AL East championships, this begs the question, “Are we better off without John Farrell?” The answer is undoubtedly, yes!

The latest example of many happened in game 4 of the ALDS. Pitcher Chris Sale threw 3 great innings of relief for the team, when he was gassed out before coming back into the 7th inning. Instead of using the plethora of stable pitchers in the pen such as Addison Reed, Joe Kelly, or Craig Kimbrel (granted he blew the game in the 9th inning).

While leading the team to a .555 winning percentage through his five year tenure, it’s time for change. President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski said this during a phone conference this morning on WEEI, “I’m not going to share the facts, those things I keep to myself. It was an appropriate time to make a change.”

So, who does the list of candidates lead us in our search? So far, the list includes, Alex Cora, Jason Varitek, Brad Ausmus, and maybe some candidates that Dombrowski is confident in. Regardless, this offseason looks to be a busy one as the free agency market, trade market, and in the house free agents should keep Red Sox fans busy as the hunt for next October begins!


Photo Credits: NYDN

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