5 2018 QB Options for the Post-Tank New York Jets

“Suck for Sam” was a common phrase used by Jets fan going into the season expecting to be one of the worst teams. However, after beating the Dolphins, the AFC South leading Jaguars, and the 0-5 Browns, they are 3-2, tied for first, and the tank is off. While they may not be able to get Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen, Josh McCown is a 38 year old journeyman and they will need a quarterback. With $55 million in cap space to upgrade their roster, here are some options at Quarterback:

Kirk Cousins:  As the best potential Free Agent Quarterback in years, Kirk Cousins is at the top of the list for all quarterback needy teams. San Francisco is perceived to be the favorite, but that is not going to stop the Jets from making a bid.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Like Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett before him, Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to be the latest Tom Brady backup to leave New England. While Hoyer and Mallet failed to live up to the hype, many believe that Garoppolo is better. Assuming Cousins goes to the Niners, Garoppolo would then become the best Quarterback available in free agency.

Alex Smith:  Originally, the Chiefs plan was releasing or trading Alex Smith after the season to save $17 million in cap space. The Chiefs may seem crazy getting rid of a guy who has had an MVP caliber year and going with a rookie. However, if they fall short of the Super Bowl again, they might decide to cash in on Smith with his value at an all-time high.

Teddy Bridgewater/Sam Bradford:  The Vikings have a decision to make at Quarterback next year. Do they stick with Sam Bradford, or sign Teddy Bridgewater to an extension?  Both have big injury risks as Bridgewater is expected to return from a devastating knee injury later this season, and Bradford has missed three games this year with a knee injury.  Bradford has also torn his ACL twice. Bradford might not be the flashiest name, but in 16 games since being traded from the Eagles to the Vikings, he’s thrown for 4,223 yards, 23 TD’s, 5 INT’s, and has completed 72.2 percent of his passes.  Bridgewater was widely believed to be on the verge of a breakout before his injury.  Both are risky propositions, but if they can stay healthy, the Jets could get a steal.

Andrew Luck: It’s unlikely Andrew Luck will leave, but hear me out.  Luck has had injury problems the last few years and the Colts have not fixed their offensive line.  If Luck wants out, or if the Colts want to draft a Quarterback or embrace the tank and go with Jacoby Brissett, they could make Luck available for a high price (At least two first round picks).  The Jets (and just about every other team) have a better o-line than the Colts and they would still have money to bring in a top receiver.  With serviceable running back like Bilal Powell and Elijah McGuire, and a defense that has potential, Luck could transform the Jets into a contender. It’s still unlikely but one can dream right.


Photo Credits: SNY

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