To See or Not To See Dem Cowboys

You are probably wondering what is taking me so long to write my article about the embarrassing loss the Dallas Cowboys just had against the LA Rams. Well, to be honest, I can’t talk about the game because I didn’t get to see it. I didn’t get to watch it because the freakin Houston Texans were at home and on at the same time. What sucks is that Fox26 (Houston station) should have had two games on and because of the NFL regulations they only had the late game.

You know I live in that Houston market, so they take precedence. Boo NFL, do you know how much of Texas is Texan’s Country?  Lets just figure it out. How many people fit in NRG stadium and divide by the population of Texas, and that’s Texans fans.

71,795/27,400,000=.0026 = .26% Texans Fans. 99.74% Dallas Cowboys fans.

I can’t go to a bar/restaurant for the game because the Texans game would be the only one with volume. Yes I know I can buy the NFL ticket, but even then they will block the game sometimes. Yes, it has happened before several years ago as well. That is why I don’t get the ticket anymore. I figured they would have changed this asinine procedure by now, but you know the No Fun League (NFL). We gotta get ours and stick it to the fans.

It was worse back in the in 80’s, because if the local team didn’t sell out you wouldn’t get their game either. There are times you wouldn’t have an early game or even a late game on Sunday. There was no NFL ticket back then, so we Cowboys fans had to suffer or drive to Dallas for the game at the stadium or a friends house. It was 9-10 hour round trip drive plus gas and food expenses, and we didn’t have that kind of money or time.

If I get ‘To see or not to see’, is truly the million dollar question.

Okay, now what I do know about the game. The offense was moving the ball well, and then in the second half the wheels came off and the Rams came back for the win. We pulled an Atlanta Falcons except it wasn’t the super bowl. When I heard Sean Lee was going to be out, I was concerned as he is the defensive leader. You can’t put it all on the D because special teams made some big game changing mistakes and the offense went stagnant.

You can’t expect to win a super bowl by having a good offense, a weak defensive, and shaky special team play. There are times an offense can overcome a bad defense, but not every time. How many super bowl championships were won this way, not too many in the history of the game. Read my lips: “Defense wins Championships!” If our boys don’t fix their defensive issues, we could be in for a very long season. Oh by the way, here come the freakin’ Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

My Cowboys fans just hunker down, wish upon a star if you have too pray a little, and hope we get those W’s. It could be worse, I mean you could be stuck watching a Houston Texans game, listening to these non-football, bandwagon riding fans in Houston laughing at our Dallas Cowboys. In the end we still got scoreboard, 5 Super Bowls, but we need another one real soon.


Photo Credits: Buzz Feed

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