New York Giants Week 5 Preview vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Well, here we are again. The Giants are coming off a second straight game in which they lost on a last second field goal. The Chargers are practically in the same spot as they Giants, as they are 0-4 on the season as well. However, the Giants have been playing better as of late, but just cannot seem to close out games. Someone has to win this week though, I mean I hope …

Keys To A Giants Victory

Play Wayne Gallman

Rookie running back Wayne Gallman made his first appearance of the season last week and he played well. He rushed 11 times for 42 yards and added 2 receptions for 8 yards and a touchdown. As sad as this sound, that is probably the best game a Giants’ running back has had all year. Gallman proved in the second half against the Bucs that he can run the ball effectively and catch the ball out of the backfield. Paul Perkins has been ruled out for this week’s game, Orleans Darkwa has only 53 yards in 3 games this year and Shane Vereen has even less with 47 yards in 4 games played. Nothing is working for the Giants in the backfield and it is time for them to give the keys to Gallman to let him prove what he can do. It cannot get worse.

Slow Down The Pass

Melvin Gordon has not been very good this year. The Chargers as the whole are almost as bad at running the ball as the Giants are. They are averaging 67.5 rushing yards per game, which puts them at 29th in the league. That is just two spots higher than the Giants. On the other hand, the Chargers are 6th in the league in passing yards per game as they are averaging 269 yards per game. Philip Rivers is having a decent year, but whenever he has thrown the ball to Keenan Allen, he has been successful. Allen has 24 catches for 334 yards and a touchdown in the first four games. Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin also have some big play ability. The biggest problem for the Giants has been the tight ends. The Chargers have two very talented tight ends in Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry. Janoris Jenkins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie have been doing a great job locking down their man, but it has been Landon Collins and Eli Apple who have been the problems in coverage. Collins has been getting burned by every tight end, while Apple has not been able to stop a team’s number two or three receiver. This is going to have to change if the Giants want to close out games.

Brad Wing Needs To Be Better

Brad Wing was the main reason the Giants lost against the Eagles in week 3. He shanked a punt about 20 yards out of bounds that landed at the Eagles’ 40 yard line. The Eagles were then able to move the ball a bit and convert a deep field goal to win the game. Last week, again, Wing struggled to punt the ball. He had another 20 yard shank that looked identical to the one in week 3. Wing is currently third worst in the league in yards per punt with 43.4 yards. He is also dead last in the league with only one punt inside the 20 and dead last in net punting average. He has been real, real bad. Oh, the Giants are also the only team who has allowed a punt return for a touchdown. A punter plays a bigger role than most realize. He determines the field position for the opposing team most of the time and Wing has been giving every opposition great starting field position. He is going to need to change this or else McAdoo needs to find a replacement.

The Drops Have To Stop

The Giants are currently 4th in the league with 7 drops by receivers. Odell Beckham has 4 of them, which leads the league, while Brandon Marshall has 2. These were supposed to be the two main receivers for the Giants and they have been very disappointing. Beckham has made some big plays, but he has also cost the Giants some key first downs. On the other hand, Marshall has not done anything right. He has dropped some big passes and has not made any impact plays. These two need to change their ways this week.


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