The Los Angeles Banana Boat Boys

Photo Credits: ESPN


Rumors can be vicious. The longer they stick around the stronger they get and none are stronger than the Banana Boat Boys trying to end their careers together playing for the illustrious Los Angeles Lakers.

There’s four of them all together who took the infamous ride on the raft together and it has been no secret that they share more than just a vacation spot. These guys are real friends and also real superstars who hold a lot of power in today’s NBA. There is nothing stopping them from heading to LA together for an aging super team and a shot at having a few really fun seasons together in one of America’s most eclectic and incredible cities.

Let’s start with LeBron James. Unrestricted free agent in 2019, works out in LA in the off season, already planning to be in more movies and has stated that he might want to produce a little. He won’t talk about stuff like this during the season, but so many people are speculating it just has to be true. That’s how the internet works, anyway.

Next is Chris Paul. He just moved to Houston and left LA. But he still owns his house there and he had to have something to do in the meantime and Houston is a cool city and Harden seems like a pretty cool dude. He is an unrestricted free agent in 2018. Good time to sign a one year deal with Houston is it’s going well and wait for Bron Bron.

Dwyane Wade just signed with Cleveland after giving up a crud load of money with Chicago to go play with James. He is unrestricted in 2018 and could just as easily wait another year or head to LA and get things started. He’s already taking a pay cut and getting around $2 million this year, what’s stopping him from the next step of becoming a Los Angeles Banana Boat Boy? On to Oklahoma to the recent landing spot of Melo. He becomes an unrestricted free agent at the same time as LeBron in 2019. Carmelo Anthony spent the last 6 years in NYC and I’m sure he’s not going to want to stick around in Oklahoma City for too long. Especially if he wants to impress LaLa again.

If they all joined up in LA in 2019 they’d all be 37 and under, which is old for the NBA but certainly not a death sentence by any means. Now cap space can be a problem but as of right now Brook Lopez and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are the top paid players on the current roster. I’m sure if there were some whispering that a super team was forming the Lakers management team could figure out a way to fire Lopez and Caldwell-Pope out of a cannon and into outer space to make space.

They’ll just need a fifth wheel to start. Maybe a big man to round out who they have already. If only a big name center was going to be an unrestricted free agent in 2019….


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