Will the Ball Brothers Run the Lakers?

LaVar is becoming one of the most talked about people in sports, and for good reason. Whether it is charging 500 dollars for shoes, talking about how Lonzo will lead the Lakers to the playoffs this season, or pulling the young prodigy LaMelo out of Chino Hills high school to train him. LaVar always seems to find a way into the spotlight. Recently, he expressed his opinion that all 3 of the Ball brothers will play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Could this even be possible?

The Los Angeles Lakers selected the oldest Ball brother, Lonzo Ball, with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft. Lonzo will be a triple double threat every game for the Lakers and he is one of the most interesting players to watch in this upcoming season.

As for the middle brother LiAngelo, he will be playing for UCLA this upcoming season and he will have big shoes to fill. LiAngelo appears to be the least talented of the Ball brothers, but he is still an extraordinary talent. LiAngelo is a great shooting guard/small forward, and he is probably the most fundamentally sound of the three brothers. However, he is slow and will struggle to create his own shots at UCLA. He will also really struggle on defense and this may keep him off the floor at UCLA at times. Despite all of this, LaVar Ball insists that all 3 of his kids will be one and done players, but LiAngelo will not be an NBA player in 2018. Oddly enough, this almost works out in his favor on a chance to join the Lakers. He may get inked to a G-League contract with the Lakers affiliate team in South Bay and this may allow him to work his way onto the Lakers roster. This is a very big stretch, but LiAngelo could very well be on his way to the Lakers in the near future as well.

Now, what about LaMelo? He is one of the most highly regarded recruits in the class of 2019, but he will no longer be playing high school basketball. LaMelo may enroll at UCLA a year early, but with his new shoe deal, will he even be eligible to play for UCLA? There are so many questions surrounding LaMelo Ball and it is almost not fair to this young kid. It appears he is as uncertain about his future as anyone is. LaMelo may never be a UCLA Bruin, but I am confident he will be an NBA player someday. It will unlikely be with the Los Angeles Lakers, however. The only scenario that sees him on the Lakers is he goes to college and is not good, and the Lakers take a chance on him. Another scenario that sees him landing a spot on the Lakers is he plays one year internationally and he declares for the draft, and the Lakers draft him to backup his brother. LaMelo will have to be a backup on the Lakers, but it is unlikely he will fall this far in the draft unless there is an absolutely epic collapse. There is a super long outside shot that the youngest of the Ball brothers becomes a Laker as well, but it may be more likely than many can imagine.

The Ball brothers are changing basketball, but they could change the Lakers together, too. It is super unlikely that the Lakers add even another Ball brother, but there are a few scenarios that make this seem almost a little bit possible. It will be interesting to see how Lonzo does in LA, how LiAngelo does at UCLA, and what is in store next for LaMelo Ball. Lakers fans may hope they do not have to deal with all 3 Ball brothers, but the team chemistry would be through the roof. The next few years for this family will be interesting to say the least, but who knows, maybe it will be interesting in a good way if all three Ball brothers become members of the Los Angeles Lakers.


Photo Credits: The New York Times

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