Why having David Ortiz back in the clubhouse helps the players

Ever since David Ortiz took on the father figure role as a leader on the Boston Red Sox, he was always looked upon as the man to go to if you had anything on your mind, or he would come to you and help you out. Last month, He signed a verbal agreement to help with player development, meaning he was taking on a role of what he did behind the scenes as he did when he was a player.

This is a HUGE win for the organization, as he will also do some scouting in his native land of the Dominican Republic. He will have a lot of young guys to help mold their craft. Dave Dombrowski and company got this one right. During his number retirement speech, Ortiz was embellished to the thought of helping out his organization, even with him off the field. When asked about having the ability to help out  he said, “I’m happy to be able to help the Red Sox organization I love in any way I can. Whether that’s offering advice to a young player, helping convince a free agent that there’s no better city to play in than Boston, or representing the club in the community and with its partners, it’s great to be part of the Red Sox organization. It feels like I never left.”

With his input and expertise, he could help morph players into phenoms. With studs such as Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, and Rafael Devers, he could help this team from a one round exit, which is likely there course if Eduardo Nunez doesn’t come back healthy. His input can help during the offseason as well.

There are a lot of top tier free agents in need of a winning caliber team. Can he market us into one of those? As his new role is effective after this season, how will David Ortiz impact the Boston Red Sox for years to come? Time will tell.


Photo Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

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