It’s Trubisky Time

By: Alex Patt

The Chicago Bears were blown out in Green Bay 35-14 Thursday night at Lambeau Field in gut-wrenching fashion. The Bears are 1-3 and 0-2 on the road this season. While the entire team played poorly, the big focus is on quarterback Mike Glennon.

Four more turnovers, which included two interceptions, a fumble and a mishandled snap. Most passing yards were via check-down passes and in garbage time. The lack of mobility and pocket awareness so far has not helped his production in any way. Glennon has struggled mightily in all aspects of the game this season and this should be the final straw.

It is time for rookie Mitch Trubisky, or at least a change…or to know a PLAN.

There is a lot of frustration from Bears fans and media on the matter of not starting the 2nd overall pick and face of the future in Trubisky. Glennon clearly is not the solution, even though coach John Fox said in the past that he “Gives them [Bears] the best chance to win.” The biggest debate is whether Trubisky should start/play at any point or sit out 2017 like many rookie quarterbacks have in the past, but many seem to be on the side of playing him.

It is easy to say put him in, as well easy to say to tank one more year and sit him out. Here is the problem, what is the plan? It is hard to know. The Bears have been real secretive and unclear about their plan with Trubisky even though they claim to have one. If they want to compete, then they absolutely have to make a change at quarterback for their next game against the Vikings, even it it involved Mark Sanchez.

At the end of the day, Bears fans want an answer to the plan. If they come out and say they are looking to the future and develop Trubisky on the sidelines, okay. If they play Trubisky, then great. But if they say they wan to compete and keep a struggling Glennon in there, then that is unacceptable. Changes have to be made immediately, and they have over a week to do so.

This would honestly be a good time to see what Trubisky can do. There is nothing really to lose, so at least try to set things up for the future. The “don’t want him thrown to the wolves and getting injured” argument can have some validity to it, however, he has to play and learn sometime.


Photo Credits: Sports Mockery

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Alex Patt

23 year old college graduate with a bachelor degree in broadcast communication who loves writing and podcasting about Chicago sports.

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