Quarterback Ratings or DFS FP? You decide!

There may be some debate over whether the best way to draft a quarterback is by using DFS FP or by the NFL’s QB ratings. It would be easy to say that QB ratings work as well as DFS FP’s, but that’s not always a given.

One of last week’s (wk. 2) quarterbacks was Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders. His QBR (Quarterback rating) was 136.6, second to none other than Tom Brady of New England with 139.6. A simple choice in drafting for a team, especially when considering that Carr had won two games in a row, and was coming home to play the Redskins, which could be looked at as a very average team. Not great, but average with a 1-1 record. Carr had in comparison to the rating, 21.1 FP against the Jets in week 2 and 18.7 in the first week against Tennessee. The analysis would be that Carr would be a great choice as QB.

It would be easy to use the ratings in drafting Carr for the third week. The numbers looked impressive in either respect.

That wasn’t the outcome.

The Redskins defense had him tied tightly. He was unable to complete numerous passes, and had two interceptions. In the end, the Raiders lost. He gave 15.7 FP, which is pretty average for a QB. What was unacceptable was his QBR of 52.9! That’s not a quarterback that’s contributing to winning games or winning at any level. Andy Dalton, who has yet to throw a touchdown in Cincinnati had a better QBR of 124.7 in their loss last Thursday. Dalton vs. Carr? Bengals vs. Raiders? Hands down, the better quarterback should have been Carr. That’s the case of football at the professional level.

Helming a team and the opportunity for success is heavily weighed on the quarterback. His ability and skills should be the first dynamic in drafting. Often the discussion in DFS drafting is the opportunity for points. There is one quarterback at this moment who is playing above and beyond the numbers involved in both QBR and DFS FP.

That one quarterback?

Tom Brady. New England Patriots.

And if he’s not your QB at the moment, then you might want to trade the team to have him. Why? His QBR is well over 130! He gives an average of 21.7 FP (source: Fanduel.com), and has gone from 10.7 FP week one to 35.7 in week 3. That opportunity to continue to have success on the field is important in drafting, and can also be the reason for having him as that starting QB every week. Even with Edelman out for the time being, he has two great targets in Gronkowski at TE, and Cooks at Wide Receiver. Even your faithful author, greycloudbear, has to admit, even as a non-fan of New England, should have Brady on his team. The numbers and averages all favor Brady.

Now watch him have a terribly terrible game against Carolina.


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Note: all QBR numbers came from NFL.com


Photo Credits: Oakland Raiders

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