New York Giants Week 3 Recap

Another week, another loss. The Giants’ offense looked much better this week, but it didn’t matter as they fall to 0-3 on the season. Since 1980, there had been 168 teams to start the season 0-3, only 5 of those teams made the playoffs ( Things are not looking very bright for the Giants and the schedule does not get any easier next week, as the Giants travel to Tampa to take on the much improved Buccaneers. Let us take a look at some takeaways from this past week’s game against the Eagles.

Key Takeaways

The Offense Looked .. Better

The Giants should have had at least 6 more points on the board this game. They were within the 10-yard line twice and decided to go for it, instead of kicking the field goal. Both times they failed to convert. However, Eli Manning looked much better this game. He converted 35 of his 47 passes for 366 yards and 3 touchdown passes. He did turn the ball over twice, but those seemed to be his only bad throws of the game. The biggest takeaway from the offense was that they did not give up one sack all game. Ereck Flowers looked a bit better and moving Justin Pugh to Right Tackle looked like the right move. The Giants scored all 24 points in the last quarter, but they looked much better throughout the whole game. Sterling Shepard, Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram all had at least 5 catches and 40 receiving yards. The weapons are there, the Giants just have to put it all together.
Odell Beckham Has Basically Arrived

Odell Beckham had a very good game as he hauled in 9 catches for 79 yards and two of his catches went for touchdowns. However, he had two drops on the day. One drop came on a perfectly timed pass towards the back shoulder. It hit him right as he turned around, but it went right through his hands. Another drop came on a slant route as it seemed as if Beckham was trying to run with the ball before he secured the catch.

He made an amazing one handed catch in the end zone for one of his two touchdowns on the day.


However, Odell, as usual, needed to make the headlines for more than just his playmaking. After one touchdown, Beckham celebrated by throwing his fist in the air.


Then came the even better one. He scored a touchdown and decided to pee like a dog. Yes, he tried to pee like a dog .. He said he did it because of Trump’s “son of a bitch” comments. Either way, he looked like a complete fool doing so.


As special of a talent that he is, he is such a pain in the ass.

The Defense Looked Good Until We Needed Them Most

The defense looked great for three quarters, but seemed tired at the end of the game. Philadelphia dominated the ball for the first three quarters and it seemed to catch up to the Giants defense in the fourth. They let up 13 points in the final quarter, while only allowing 14 through the first three. The defense sacked Carson Wentz three times and forced Zach Ertz to fumble. However, they let Wentz get far enough down the field, with only 13 seconds left in the game, to give the Eagles a chance to attempt a 61-yard field goal and they converted. The Giants held Wentz to only 176 yards, but they were torn up on the ground. Wendell Smallwood and LeGarrette Blount combined for 138 rushing yards. Wentz added another 22 yards, Corey Clement added another 22 yards, and Darren Sproles added another 11 yards. On the day, the Eagles rushed for 193 total yards and two rushing touchdowns.

The Run Game is Atrocious

As I mentioned, the offensive line looked a bit better yesterday. However, the run game still made my eyes bleed. Paul Perkins, Orleans Darkwa and Shane Vereen combined for 49 rushing yards on 17 carries. Perkins needs to be buried on the depth chart. He cannot break any tackles and it seems as if he is never falling forward. The Giants need to use Vereen and Darkwa more. Darkwa was hitting the holes nicely in his limited opportunities, while Vereen proved last year that he can be very effective in the passing game.

Ben McAdoo Needs to Go

When fans and sports anchors are saying how bad the play calling is, you know it has gotten to a low point. Ben McAdoo made some horrific decisions on Sunday against the Eagles. Three moments stick out to me the most, all of which came on fourth down. The first came early in the game when the Giants had a 4th and 1 situation. They could have given it to a running back to run straight up the middle or given it to Eli for a quarterback sneak. Instead, McAdoo thought it was a good idea to run a half back toss and the play went backwards for 3 yards. The other two times came when the Giants should have taken the points. I am not a fan of going for it on fourth down when you are in field goal range and it is before the fourth quarter. It happened twice in this game and both times the Giants were inside the 10, which would have made it very easy for Aldrick Rosas to give up 3 points each time. Instead, McAdoo decided to go for it and we came away empty handed. If the Giants attempted two field goals and converted on them instead of going for it on fourth down, they would have had 30 total points on the game. Oh! That would have given them a win. Horrible decision making all around by Ben McAdoo.


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