Defensive or Offensive: A Tale of Dallas’ “D”

My oh my, how a win can change a person’s perspective on a team.  Last week the sports writers, tv analysts and some fans (bandwagoners) were ready to cut Ezekiel Elliott, bench Dak Prescott and fired Coach Garrett. Today it’s all about “dem Cowboys”. Those fans I mentioned earlier are now saying we are back, we are going to the super bowl, we have fixed the issues and we can’t be stopped now. Seriously, take a step back and slap yourself.  Let me tell you what real Cowboys’ fans think right now.

The Broncos man-handled the Cowboys last week due to lack of pressure on their Qb and the cowboys’ offense being nonexistent. While Arizona is no Denver, the defense got pressure on Carson Palmer because of outstanding play from Demarcus Lawrence. However, he still managed to put up some decent numbers as he completed 29 of 48 pass attempts for 325 yards and 2 TDs, while throwing no interceptions. If Arizona hadn’t made a few mistakes early on in the first half,  i.e. holding on a TD, or the missed FG, the game might have had a different outcome.

The Dallas Cowboys are relying on 2nd rounder Chidobe Awuzie, 3rd rounder Jourdan Lewis, 6th rounder Xavier Woods and free agent Nolan Carroll to complement Bryon Jones and Orlando Scandrick in the secondary. We aren’t talking about the legion of boom. This mashup of rookies and veterans are going to be under the gun all season long, a nice baptism by fire. Monday night they bent, but didn’t break. That also had a lot to do with Carson Palmer, being Carson Palmer.

You still must give credit, where credit is due. The secondary played decent enough to win the game. The rookie Jourdan, was clearly being targeted by Palmer. Jourdan played smart and even had a nice play knocking the ball out of Jaron Brown‘s hands. Ask yourself these questions. How much of that was that possible because of the Demarcus and the D-line?  If no pressure, would Carson Palmer have eaten up the secondary? Will, or can, the offense score enough to cover the defense shortcomings?

This worries me as the Cowboys still have to contend with Aaron Rodgers this season.  A reminder, Aaron Rodgers beat us in the playoffs last year and we supposedly had a better secondary back in 2016. On deck are Falcons (Matt Ryan & Julio Jones), Eagles (Carson Wentz), Giants (Eli Manning & Odell Beckham will be back), Chargers (Philip Rivers), Raiders (Derek Carr & Michael Crabtree), and the Seahawks (Russell Wilson & Doug Baldwin). Tough games period for any team, but with a young secondary it could be  catastrophic.

Please don’t hate on me. I will be pulling for my Dallas Cowboys to win and shut up the haters. I just wanted to point out some issues that real fans know could make this a long season. I have faith in the Cowboys’ front office to make some sort of deal to get help for the defense. Hey, if the defense manages to bend and not break, I will take it and hopefully a ticket to U.S Bank Staduim in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Super Bowl LII. Let’s go Cowboys!


Photo Credits: Jennifer Stewart

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