Oklahoma City’s New Look

With the season nearing the start, the Oklahoma City Thunder made a big move. The Thunder traded a young talent in Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott for a veteran Carmelo Anthony.

After an MVP performance from Russell Westbrook, the Thunder needed to add some help for Westbrook. That they did, and adding Anthony and Paul George makes the Thunder legit contenders in the playoffs. Westbrook had a 41.7 usage percent and with George’s 29% last year alone, makes the Thunder scary. Add in another high usage player and the Thunder are almost look like they are unstoppable on paper.

Last season, these three were all top 10 in isolation points, Westbrook (2) Anthony (4) George (9). The three also make the most all star appearances combined for a big three in the league. I see a bright season for Oklahoma and many other NBA teams this year. The league, to me, was getting a bit stale and this offseason was the best I’ve ever seen. My projected record from the Thunder before the Anthony trade, 54-28, and after, 59-22. Thunder gets the 2 seed over the Rockets.


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