Washington Redskins Week 3 Game Preview: Raiders Edition

This Sunday night’s game could be the best of the week and one of the most intriguing of the year. The Skins are coming off a great team win against the Rams last week, while the Raiders and Derek Carr are still blazing hot. Derek Carr has started this season off doing something he does best, which is produce touchdowns and lead that offense filled with weapons. The Redskins defense has been pretty solid from top to bottom, but this will be the week where they need everything to click.

Kirk Cousins hasn’t played to the potential of the contract he wants so far, but he will need to do exactly that to compete with the high-powered Oakland offense. As I said in my season preview, the Skins season is based on how, and if, Kirk Cousins can go out and WIN games. This would need to be one of those games.

The Redskins’ defense will have their hands full. Their solid run defense will try to stop a motivated Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and the secondary will be busy trying to contain three talented receivers. Something to take note of is that Carr and Amari Cooper haven’t had the connection we thought they would have early. Michael Crabtree scored 3 times last week. Skins have to worry about a hot Crabtree and hope Cooper doesn’t find himself. If that happens and Lynch gets comfortable, it will be a VERY long day for Washington’s defense.

I think Redskins build off the run success they had last week and Terrelle Pryor finally has a breakout week against an iffy Oakland secondary. Kirk Cousins and his receivers find the complete chemistry this week and battle it out offensively with the Oakland Raiders, but find a way to spar with one of the league’s best offenses. The Skins defense has played a little better than Oakland’s at this point. As a unit I think they are prepared for Sunday’s task. Mismatches with Jordan Reed and Jamison Crowder in the slot will be key.

Skins win 30-27


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