Thunder Outlook: Melo Trade.

The Thunder have officially done it, they are among the elite. After not only trading the huge contract of Victor Oladipo and the sophomore Domantas Sabonis , they have pulled off another feat. They have grabbed Carmelo Anthony from NY.

They did it in the same fashion as before, a big contract and young piece. However, this time they had to add a future pick. This could be what pits OKC past the vaunted Warriors. Now you have Russell Westbrook‘s athleticism and just pure play making ability, paired with Paul George‘s scoring prowess/defensive ability, along with Melo’s scoring. This team will be nasty.

After this trade we look at a few lineups we can use over the next season.

1. Russ, Andre Roberson, PG, Melo, Steven Adams: This will be our traditional lineup to start most games. This has all our stars on the court along with Roberson to lock-up on the defensive side.

2. Russ, PG, Melo, Patrick Patterson, Adams: This lineup will generally be for “big” teams that carry a more old school style post offense, or if Melo is getting cooked in the paint. It gives us another option.

3. Russ, Roberson, George, Melo, Patterson: Now this might be the best lineup to roll out against Warriors & Co. to match their offensive power, along with combatting the “small ball” on the defensive end.

Now that OKC traded for Melo, it’s a conference finals or bust this season. If we make at least the conference finals and challenge the warriors, I see all three stars coming back next year and going after Kevin Durant for seasons to come.


Photo Credits: Yahoo Sports

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