Dallas Fans: Who is at fault, Dak or Jason?

America’s team aka the Dallas Cowboys, are beloved and hated by many, and there is no middle ground.  They are one of the most scrutinized teams in the world, probably just ahead of the evil empire (New York Yankees).  I don’t want to talk about the past and their five Super Bowls because truth be told, they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1996, crap.  I want to discuss how sports reporters/analysts just love ripping into them and forget they did the same stuff during their time in the NFL. I will let you know who I feel is really to blame for loss and how to improve.

Dak Prescott along with his running mate Ezekiel Elliott, are only in their second season. If they underachieve in a game, some analysts will say they are suffering a sophomore slump. The truth is, we were spoiled because of a 13-3 record setting season they had last year.  We were expecting a Super Bowl, but honestly they lacked the playoff experience that is a key factor in making a run. I mention the 13-3 because it has become the new standard for these young Cowboys, which is not fair to them.  There will be spectacular wins during this season, along with devastating losses like last week against Denver.

This is the NFL and the greatest players play at this level and bright coaches develop new schemes to prevent stars from beating themselves.  Sports analysts tend forget this fact and instantly jump on the players, saying they are dogging it or just outright quit on themselves and the team.  Okay, Denver has a good defense. I mean come on Von Miller, Chris Harris and Aqib Talib.  LaDainian Tomlinson called out Zeke about quitting, but I guess LT forgot that he was once in Zeke’s shoes.  NFL great Deion Sanders basically said, Dez Bryant is a great receiver when he isn’t playing against top corners in the league.  I mean come on, y’all remember when he was getting dogged for not tackling opponents on and by the way he also had some bad games as well.  “Film don’t lie”!

Teams win and lose together, it is not just words it is the truth.  How many Leon’s (old Budweiser commercials) you see out there on the field?  Coach Garrett was wrong for calling out Dak like he did in the press, keep that stuff behind closed doors. That’s a childish move on his part, but testament to Dak’s character as he agreed with the statement. Leaders take responsibilities for when things go bad and give the credit to others when it goes well. Any TRUE head coach knows this and should never forget it. I won’t put this blame just on Dak, Zeke, Dez or HC Jason Garrett. It falls on all of the coaches, and every player. The entire TEAM.

Better prep, better halftime adjustments, execution, and willing to leave it all on the field. Play hard every single down of the game and if you are not victorious then at least you gave it your all.  You then go back and review the film and make adjustments for the next game. Constantly improving your game plan.

In my heart I believe that true fans will respect the efforts given by the players.  Once again this is this merely my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own, but make sure you are not in a glass house before you throw those stones.

I look forward to bringing you more of my takes on the  Dallas Cowboys along with breaking news and discussions amongst each other. Thank you have a great day.

-Miguel G


4 thoughts on “Dallas Fans: Who is at fault, Dak or Jason?”

  1. I think when a team gets demolished like that, there’s tons of fault to go around. But, I lay heavy blame on Garrett; he’s a bland, generic coach. Of course, major blame to Zeke for quitting and the defense as a whole for getting smoked. I hate to blame Dak because I like him so much, but he was bad.

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    1. Oh they got crushed. Denver came to play and Dallas didn’t. Hell they even beat them out of the tunnel to the field, lol. Garrett does need to adjust some but players get some blame too. If you think the game is lost then pull your starters and give your bench some time. Qb is the major spot in the NFL, they take most of the heat like coaches. I mean not everyone can be Tom Brady. Don’t get mean wrong I am a huge Cowboys fan but I also can sit back and say we got beat on both sides of the ball, plus coaching. Gotta get better, practice, practice and accountability by everyone but grow up and don’t call your players out in the media. That’s a kids game.


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