It is time to put the Kyrie vs. IT debate to rest

A little less than a month ago, Boston Celtics’ GM Danny Ainge busted out the trade of the year. He acquired Kyrie Irving from Cleveland for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, a future second round pick, and next year’s unprotected Brooklyn pick. Leaving some Green Teamers ecstatic and some livid at the unexpected departure of the “King of the Fourth”. IT managed to come into a broken Celtics team and give Boston two and half years of gritty play. He took them from a team in full rebuild with little forward direction, to a number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and an appearance to the Eastern Conference finals. He was able to restore faith in Celtics fans once again and give us hope that just maybe, banner 18 would be right around the corner.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a Boston fan I loved what IT was able to do for Boston. I mean, how could you not? A 5’9” point guard chosen with the last pick of the 2011 draft, with little to no hope of making it in this league. He was able to become a top point guard in the league and a leader of one of the most historic teams in the NBA. A guy who lost his sister in a tragic car accident and, not only played in the playoffs, but in the NEXT NIGHT and was amazing. There is no argument how amazing this guy was for Boston, but in the end he is not the “superstar” Boston needs. Kyrie Irving is…

Now lets break it down with some statistics here to compare:

  • Kyrie’s career :
    • 25 Years Old
    • 6 seasons
    • 21.6 points per game
    • 45% career field goal percentage
    • 38% career 3 point percentage
    • 5.6 assists per game
    • 2011-2012 Rookie of the Year
    • 4x All-Star
    • 2013-2014 All-Star Game MVP
    • 3 NBA Finals appearances (yes, I understand Lebron was on his team)
    • 1 NBA Title (Yes, I still know Lebron was on his team)
  • IT’s career:
    • 28 Years Old
    • 6 seasons
    • 19.1 points per game
    • 44% career field goal percentage
    • 36.7 career 3 point percentage
    • 5.2 Assists per game
    • 2x All-Star

Alright, I know a lot of things were just thrown at you and there are arguments for every stat, but here’s the bottom line. Kyrie beats IT in every major category, he’s taller, younger, has better ball-handling skills, is a better shooter, better passer, and the list goes on. IT has a lingering hip issue that seems to be benching him until at least the All-Star break, possibly even longer. To top it all off, it is a contract year for IT. This most likely means that he will be looking for a max contract, which if you ask me, is not worth giving a 28-year-old point guard with an undisclosed hip injury that looks to be extremely serious.

If you put all of these into perspective, the evidence is there that Danny Ainge made a move based on the scenario at hand. Trade a guy at his highest potential for a maximum return and that’s exactly what Ainge did. Now, will it work out? That will be up to Kyrie and the rest of this squad to prove to us. The point is to acknowledge all the great things IT did for this city over the past 2 and a half years, but be excited for the amazing future that Boston now has with Kyrie Irving. Kyrie has proven every year since he came into the league that he has superstar capabilities. Now Boston has given him the keys to drive this team to banner 18.


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James Doughman

Born and Raised in Boston. Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots fan. Twitter @Jdoughy1722

One thought on “It is time to put the Kyrie vs. IT debate to rest”

  1. Points were made, overall good article that puts to rest the question that shouldn’t have been a question at all. I recall a time when I predicted Kyrie and LeBron would play together and you didn’t though, so I’ll put this to rest….

    Yeah it was a good deal cause it’s Kyrie.


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