NFL Week 2: Who Impressed, Who Did Not

As I sat in my room watching Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers go back and forth on Sunday night, I kept thinking about the impressive, and equally unimpressive performances that took place earlier in the day. Normally when All-Time Greats like Aaron Rodgers are televised during primetime, I am glued in and hoping to be amazed by what guys like himself can do. Not tonight. All I was thinking about Sunday night was the teams who did, and didn’t impress me in week 2.

The first team that you have to start with, when talking about impressive performances from Week 2, is the Denver Broncos. We all know about the vaunted defense led by pass rush extraordinaire Von Miller, and shutdown corner Aqib Talib. What you may not know as much about though is the Broncos’ offense. For the past few years they have had a solid ground game that consisted mainly of C.J. Anderson, and a little Devontae Booker. This past off-season though, they added the injury prone Jamaal Charles for a little more explosiveness. So far, he has been a nice addition, but he isn’t the reason they are off to a 2-0 start. The reason for the Broncos’ success thus far should be attributed to the man under center, Trevor Siemian.

Since Peyton Manning‘s incredible 2014 season, QB play has been a problem for the Broncos. I think they have found the solution to those problems in this 7th rounder. I’m no football scout, but from what I have seen over the past two games, Siemian looks like a guy who is exactly what the Broncos’ need. Someone who doesn’t turn the ball over too much, will get the ball into the hands of his playmakers and will rely on his defense. I think if he continues to play like he did today, in their 42-17 rout of the Cowboys, the Broncos could make a deep run in the postseason.

Just as the Broncos impressed me, there was a team that was equally unimpressive. That team was the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers, who fell to the impressive Broncos last week on Monday Night Football, were on the losing end again. However, this time to the Jay Cutler led Dolphins. Coming into the year, the Chargers offense was supposed to be explosive. They have weapons all over the field. The run game is very good with Melvin Gordon and a serviceable offensive line. The pass game is pretty good with Philip Rivers and some dangerous pass catchers. On the defensive side of the ball, they have arguably the best duo of pass rushers in the league, and a good young secondary. So where exactly is the problem?

The problem lies on the offensive side of the ball. In week 1, the defense gave up 24 to a Broncos’ offense that looks to be pretty good. Then, in week 2, they gave up 19. If I was a Chargers fan, I would be happy with those numbers. The offense for some reason, though, is just not clicking. In week 1 they scored 21, and in week 2 only 17. I personally think that they are trying too hard to get everyone their touches. They need to start letting the offense come to them. If the run game is working, keep feeding Melvin Gordon. If Rivers is on fire, keep letting him sling it. They can’t keep worrying about how many targets Keenan Allen is getting, or how many attempts Melvin Gordon is getting. This offense has way to many weapons to be held to 21 and 17 points.

For Chargers fans, realize that it is only week 2. You don’t have to panic yet. I would definitely be worried, but don’t give up on the season, yet. A week 3 matchup at home against Kansas City awaits. I would say this game is a must win for you. For the Broncos, be happy with your 2-0 start. Don’t start making Super Bowl plans just yet though. Your quarterback has been good, but he is inexperienced. He needs to keep playing turnover free football, and relying on that incredible defense. His next test is in Buffalo, to take on the Bills in week 3.


Photo Credits: The Denver Post

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