Jose Altuve: Your 2017 AL MVP

Jose Altuve has consistently been the best hitter in baseball over the past 4 seasons and the 2017 campaign was no different.  The short, but ever dynamic, second baseman for the Houston Astros has been the most consistent hitter in the American League. Jose is on pace to accumulate 200 hits for a fourth straight season and compile a batting average over .312, for a fourth straight season. The keys to any MVP campaign are availability, which is the only area where Mike Trout is lacking, and steady play all season, Aaron Judge‘s issue.

Altuve’s Ranks In All The MLB:

  • #1: Wins Above Replacement
  • #1: Offensive Wins Above Replacement
  • #1: Batting Average
  • #2: Hits
  • #2: Adjusted OPS+
  • #4: Singles
  • #4: Stolen Bases
  • #5: Runs Created
  • #6: Total Bases
  • #6: Times on Base
  • #6: Runs Scored
  • #8: On base %
  • #10: Doubles

These numbers absolutely speak for themselves. Altuve is top 10, in 13 different categories. Not just for his league, but rather the entire MLB. His only other competition for the award is a man who missed 45 games, Mike Trout. Had Trout not missed those 45 games, I guarantee we would be having a much different race for the award. However, with that being said, you can’t hold that against Altuve’s numbers. Compare how Trout is top 10 in 7 different categories, while Altuve is top 10 in 13 different categories.  Jose Altuve will be the American League MVP for the 2017 season.


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Noah Vasquez

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