Redskins-Rams Game Preview

The Redskins and Rams both looked totally different week 1. The Redskins offense couldn’t get anything going at all and the run game was horrible, which didn’t make it any easier for the passing game, with Terrelle Pryor dropping passes. With all that going on on the offensive side of the ball, the Redskins defense actually did look pretty decent.

Jared Goff looked like the number 1 overall pick in last year’s draft. He was 21-29 and tossed for 309 passing yards. The ball was spread around pretty good as well. The Rams defense was solid as usual, as the pass defense gave Coach Pagano and the Colts fits all game. Sean McVay is in his first year as Rams Head Coach, he was previously the Skins’ offensive coordinator and play caller. As good as Washington’s defense looked, I would hope it looks a lot better seeing as though the defense would be a little familiar with what McVay is doing. This would be the game for Washington to find balance on offense. Throwing the ball 40 times and only running 17 times will never work when the entire offense is out of sync.

One thing to take note of this game is defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Donald ended his contract hold out earlier this week and is active for Sunday’s game against Washington. Washington must be on their A-game, as a defense that played great without their best player is now getting that guy back. Jordan Reed looked very good in practice this week and Coach Jay Gruden raved about how his timing and rhythm is back on track. Redskins will need it against one of the best passing defenses in the league. I think Redskins get back on track this week and the defense throws some different looks at Goff to rattle him a little.

Skins 28-17 to beat their former coordinator.


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