Top 3 NBA Stars to Watch Not on Cleveland or Golden State

No matter how Sports Illustrated came up with their rankings for the top 10 in the NBA; however scientific, exact, or preference based it may have been, everybody is going to have a different opinion.

If you base it on defense or scoring ability or fame or passing or “all around play” is all a personal preference. Some would say defense should be number one. If a good player can score 30 points a game but his opponent scores 31, well then he didn’t do his job.

And that’s probably true if you want to win. But what about fans of the game who don’t have any skin in the game? What if you just watch for entertainment only and because there isn’t much else on during the week in the middle of winter?

The NBA is filled with superstars at the moment. Even casual fans can name at least three players even if they can’t name the teams they play for. But for the casual fan that might want to explore other options, or maybe someone who is going to jump into fantasy hoops for the first time, here’s three players that you just have to watch.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo– Don’t worry you don’t have to pronounce his name. You can call him the Greek Freak and get away with it. The Freak’s numbers last year, his fourth in the league, were equal to or better than most of the NBA’s superstars stats, including LeBron and Steph. Expect Giannis to level up this season.

2. Russell Westbrook – Mr. Continuous Gas Face will no doubt be on fire all over again this year. He now has Paul George to play some defense so Russ might be a little less strung than he was last year. Repeating last year’s numbers would be extremely difficult, but there is little doubt that he can do it, except from this guy maybe.

3. Gordon Hayward – Gordo only averaged about 16 shots per game last season in Utah. But he shot almost 50%. Expect shots per game to go up to near 20 and his field goal percentage to remain the same. He’ll probably hoist way more three pointers than ever before too. And he can do things like this:


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