Streaking Indians

If you have been living under a rock or without any electronics to tell you the news then you would now know the Indians have just won their 22nd (and counting) game in a row! If you also haven’t heard…it’s kind of a big deal. It broke the AL record for most wins in a row and it is the largest such streak in 100 years! Just say it with me now…22 in a row. Holy shit! The seventh team ever to win 20 in a row and they may never lose again. Also, I’m pretty sure they haven’t lost in like a calendar year and can you guess the last team to beat them? If you guessed the Red Sox, then you would be correct.

Before the streak they looked like the team to beat in the AL due to them being the defending American League Champions. But now? They look like the team to beat in the World Series. The last team to have a streak of at least 20 games was the money ball A’s. If you’re a casual baseball fan you might look at this streak and say, “What the hell is the big deal?” While avid fans, like myself, are ready to stab you in the eye with a pencil, this streak is unbelievable! You are more likely to get hit lightening then see a team win 22 (and counting) wins in a row. That’s baseball for you.

Casual fans don’t appreciate it due to the lack of pace and “action.” However, baseball is one of the most exciting sports due to the mental aspect it contains. Not saying you should understand the streak, but just appreciate it. In baseball anything can happen and this streak proves it. If you want to know how rare this is just think about this. You’re more likely to get hit by lightning, you’re more likely to get bite by a shark, and you can look the rest up. So baseball fans, casual or non, if the Indians go all the way and win the World Series, they’ll be the first team to do so since 1900 with such a streak. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate this greatness that we are witnessing!


Photo Credits: Yahoo Sports

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