Is Sandy Leon a Viable Option?

In the Red Sox organization, there is a plentiful amount of MLB ready catchers. Christian Vazquez, Blake Swihart, and Jake  Romanski are just a few. So with all the depth, why is Sandy Leon still on the major league roster? Granted, he has a cannon that can throw out a lot of runners, but the offensive and defensive production just isn’t there.

In his 2017 campaign, Leon is hitting .224 in 246 at bats this season. His 6 homers and 37 RBIs are not something to brag about either. His struggles have been dearly noted throughout the season. He has a strikeout rate of 23.1% through his first 221 at bats. If a player is under preforming his salary (a mere $1.5 million) then why is he still on the roster?

September call ups will prevent him from going back to the minors, but giving Swihart the opportunity to get a spot as the back up catcher next season. Vazquez deserves to be the starter next year, as he’s hot at the plate and defensively. While hitting.296 in 277 at bats, the 4 homers and 30 RBIs are lower than Leon’s, but he’s getting more base hits and scoring due to his keen eye at the plate.

With Swihart playing backup, it gives the Sox more depth in the outfield as well. It would also give the team a speedy boost from the catcher slot that hasn’t been seen in years. Last season, he hit an inside the park homerun. That hasn’t happened since J.T Reinaldo did it back in 2013!

With every positive aspect of Leon’s game easily replaceable to the better extent, the team can make up for his absence should the organization let him go as a free agent after this season. While he has fond memories and some clutch performances, the team can truly be better off without Sandy Leon.


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