Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Week one has come and gone. It is time to reflect on the teams that surprised and disappointed. There is a lot of movement going on in this week’s power rankings. Check it out!

  1. Green Bay Packers 1-0 (Up 1)
  2. Oakland Raiders 1-0 (Up 4)
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0 (No Change)
  4. Atlanta Falcons 1-0 (Up 1)
  5. New England Patriots 0-1 (Down 4)
  6. Kansas City Chiefs 1-0 (Up 2)
  7. Seattle Seahawks 0-1 (Down 3)
  8. Dallas Cowboys 1-0 (Up 1)
  9. Denver Broncos 1-0 (Up 3)
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0 (Up 1)
  11. Tennessee Titans 0-1 (Down 1)
  12. New York Giants 0-1 (Down 5)
  13. Detroit Lions 1-0 (Up 2)
  14. Philadelphia Eagles 1-0 (No Change)
  15. Minnesota Vikings 1-0 (Up 2)
  16. Carolina Panthers 1-0 (Up 3)
  17. Baltimore Ravens 1-0 (Up 3)
  18. Arizona Cardinals 0-1 (Down 5)
  19. Cincinnati Bengals 0-1 (Down 3)
  20. Los Angeles Chargers 0-1 (Down 2)
  21. Miami Dolphins 0-0 (Up 4)
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0 (Up 4)
  23. New Orleans Saints 0-1 (Down 2)
  24. Los Angeles Rams 1-0 (Up 5)
  25. Buffalo Bills 1-0 (Up 2)
  26. Houston Texans 0-1 (Down 4)
  27. Washington Redskins 0-1 (Down 4)
  28. Cleveland Browns 0-1 (Up 2)
  29. Chicago Bears 0-1 (Down 1)
  30. Indianapolis Colts (Down 6)
  31. San Francisco 49ers (No Change)
  32. New York Jets (No Change)

Week 1 Recap

Well, it all started on Thursday night when the Kansas City Chiefs dominated the New England Patriots. No one, I mean no one at all, expected that. Tom Brady and co. playing at home on opening night. No shot they would lose, but we were all wrong. The Chiefs looked very good, but what was most surprising was their offense. Tyreek Hill , Kareem Hunt and Alex Smith has dominant games.

The Raiders looked very good against the Titans, who I expect will have a very good season. Marshawn Lynch looked like the time off did not effect him one bit. The Packers and Seahawks was a game of defense. Who expected that? The Packers defense looked very good, but that could have to do with the fact that the Seahawks offensive line was so atrocious. Russell Wilson had no time to throw the ball and there were no holes for the running backs to hit. The O-Line will be a big problem for the Seahawks this season.

Speaking of teams with offensive line problems, the Giants looked ATROCIOUS on Sunday night in Dallas. No Odell Beckham hurt the Giants for sure, but the offensive line made the Cowboys defense look like a top 5 unit. Eli Manning was rushed and hit all night long. If they cannot improve the offensive line they are going to struggle to make the playoffs.

The Ravens, Lions and Rams were three teams that surprised me this week. The Lions offense looked dominant against a very good Cardinals defense. Matthew Stafford was picking them apart all night, while Kenny Golladay was a force in the end zone. If they can find a run game they will surprise a lot of people this year. The Ravens defense looked like the defense of old. They were the only team to pitch a shutout this week as they destroyed the Bengals on the road. They forced five turnovers and sacked Andy Dalton five times. The Rams were playing an awful Colts team with no Andrew Luck, but their offense is what shocked me. The Colts do not have a very good defense by any means, but Jared Goff looked like he took a big leap from last year. He completed 21 of 29 passes for 306 yards and a touchdown. Efficient and effective. Cooper Kupp lived up to the hype as well as he reeled in the lone touchdown pass from Goff.


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