Houston Astros and the Need to Finish Strong

As per the usual of every hot team in baseball, the red hot Astros from the first half of the season have gone into hibernation.  The once top team in baseball has been a shell of itself during the second half of the season.  August was easily the worst month of the season for the team as they posted their first losing record in any month.

1st half of season: W-L= 60-29, Runs Scored=527, Runs Scored Against=365

2nd half (as of 9/10/17): W-L= 26-27, Runs Scored=259, Runs Scored Against= 269

As the stats highlight the team has hit the proverbial wall if you would.  The team has not seemed like the offensive juggernaut they were for the first half of the season.  They are no longer winning games by out hitting the opponent, but rather having to rely more heavily on pitching instead, a strategy much different from the first half of 2017.  In the last three games alone, the Astros have allowed 30 runs against the AL West worst, Oakland Athletics, while only scoring 13 themselves.

This is obviously an anomaly that has to be sorted. The bright side of the downhill spiral is the timing.  The team does still have 20 games left in the regular season to figure out their issues and get back to their winning ways.  Hopefully, the acquisitions of Cameron Maybin and Justin Verlander can help re-energize the World Series hopeful roster.  Both players have been in the clubhouse for roughly a week and bring in, even more, veteran leadership to the team.  Veterans always have weird ways of igniting changes in the tide for teams and for the Astros sake, I hope there is one soon.

This is still a team who has never once been under the .500 win% mark and has been leading the division since April.  As of September 10th, the team only needs to win 7 of the next 20 to make the playoffs.  The Astros have picked the perfect time to slump, yet there is no better time to get back to the team’s potential than now.  The team must get back into controlling games from beginning to end and prepare for the Cleveland Indians in the playoffs. The team of today has no shot against the 18 straight wins from the Indians.  Only time will tell if the Astros can pull it back together, but I know the city and fans are still fully behind the team and hopeful for postseason success.


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Noah Vasquez

Avid sports follower! Honestly live for the NBA and all that comes with it. Love talking about literally any sport other than hockey (know nothing about it)! Sports writing is my passion! Come talk and debate with me on Twitter @NoahVasquez35

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